Wireless Video Doorbell

Confio IP Doorbell

You can see, hear and talk to your visitor through your phone from anywhere 24×7

Talk to your visitor at the gate from anywhere

Our doorbell is connected to the Wi-Fi network and integrated
into your mobile phone, enabling you to answer the doorbell
from anywhere.

Safety First

The first level of defense. Know who is at your doorstep,
talk to your visitor and safeguard yourself from the
unwelcomed guest.

Trespassing alert

Our doorbell monitors your main entrance 24X7 with inbuilt night vision. Captures any suspicious movement and notifies
you immediately.

Install with a smile

Just disconnect and remove your old doorbell switch and install our Video doorbell in the same place, no drilling, rewiring. Also, chime inside the home continues to function along with the call-in the mobile when someone rings the bell.

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