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Door sensor is an intelligent security equipment that can transmit through Z-wave network . Door sensor can send messages to Z-wave gateway, then realize association with other devices.

Door sensor is powered by batteries, with a small body , Comes with a sensor and Magnet. One piece will mount on Door/Window Frame and other piece mounted on Door/Window itself.

When you are not at home or during night, if some one tries to open the door, the sensor will trigger a siren & Instantly you will get an alert., And when you are at home and open the door it will turn on Lights.


Motion sensor(PIR) is a passive infrared detector or physical sensor. This sensor doesn’t emit any energy but only passively receive and detect infrared radiation from outside.

Whenever sensor detects a motion it triggers light to turn on and when there is no motion it makes light to turn off

Motion sensor can also works a security sensor. When you are not at home, if there is any motion, it triggers siren and sends you a notification.

This Motion sensor also comes with a Light sensor so you can turn on Lights based on the Light sensitivity


Siren alarm is an intelligent device that can be controlled remotely by radio frequency. It can be combined with other devices in the network in order to increase security in your home, by broadcasting loud alarms when triggered by events


This Smart Combustible Gas Sensor adopts extra low power consumption Z-wave wireless module. Used for detecting combustible gas leakage and preventing danger caused by gas leakage. The combustible gases like natural gas, coal gas, LPG etc.

Z-wave repeater, extend wireless transmission distance. Detector adopts high stability semi-conductor gas sensor, with high stability, small sensitivity drift, and many other features.

Detector alarms while gas density in air exceeds alarm level. It is applicable for kitchen or possible gas leaking indoor area.

This type of device is important because there are many gases that can be harmful to organic life.

SOS Button ( CT-SOS )

SOS Button is a small portable remote designed especially for elders & children, when they encounter an emergency situation at home, gently press the SOS Button, it immediately triggers the alarm and sends the notification to your family members to prevent accidents.

3 buttons can control 6 preset scenes, if the battery is low you will receive the push notifications by the app.


Confio Home Automation System is integrated with one of the top most Door Locks Selling company called Yale to provide the best security feature for your house.


  • One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method
  • PIN Code/Mechanical Key Override
  • Tubular deadbolt
  • Lock Controller Inside for safe access –ibutton
  • Remote Control (Optional)
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