Home Safety & Security

Is your neighbourhood exposed to burglaries? Is securing homes becoming a tough ask?

Home security has never been so essential. Hectic work schedules and traffic congestions increases the time away-from-home leaving home owners much to ponder on the safety and security of their homes.

At Confio, we have come up with a set of home security solutions that will take care of the safety and security aspects while you are assured some peace of mind. Our objective is to help you keep the intruders away!

Our Home Security systems fall under three categories –

Surveillance Systems

It’s difficult to monitor your home 24/7 and this is where Confio surveillance and video monitoring comes into play. Confio provides technology driven Video Monitoring systems to provide the required surveillance. High-end IP Cameras will monitor your home even as the mobile app lets you access the video feed, remotely.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Unauthorized entry or movement into your home is prevented thanks to the Intrusion Alarm systems. Any prohibited entry sets off immediate alarm and also sends alerts on your mobile phone just in case you are away. Loud alarms alert the neighbourhood and prevent unauthorized entry and thefts.

Home Access Control

Your need to restrain access to unidentified individuals is catered to by Confio Home Access Control systems. Automatic door locks provide access control to all the doors within your home.

Confio provides an array of wireless locks to choose from based on the door type. You can monitor and manage the door locks remotely as profile information from user code is sent to your mobile.

Use Cases

  • Confio app lets you remote monitor video feeds from multiple IP Cameras
  • Home Automation extended to security via single App
  • Live video feeds to your phone on intruder detection
  • Instant photographs via email to security guards for action
  • Multiple choice of locks to choose from, based on type of door
  • Mange your locks remotely from wherever you are
  • Profile information based on user code sent to your phone
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