Gateway works as a Brain of our Automation system, It helps to create all the security related scenes like Triggering sensors when some intrusion happens, It helps to send Push notification to the user,Makes call to user during security breach, IP Camera can be Can be integrated, Also works with Alexa and Google Home.

All devices will be Synchronized to improve the Comfort & Security of your House


Support Zwave devices control, room control and scene control

‧  Control up to 120 Z-Wave devices

‧  Control up to 40 rooms, each room allows max of 120 devices

‧  Control up to 60 scenes, each scene allows 6 events and 12 actions

‧  Support Amazon Alex and Google Home

‧  Support IFTTT

‧  Support plug&play IP cameras.(The specific IP camera models)

‧  Allows alarm notification for each Z-Wave devices and each scene

‧  Plug & play by ID/password

‧  Bundle with easy management software ZiControl

‧  Push notification on iPhone/iPad and Android for device and scene events

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