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Best home automation company in Bangalore


Scale our Automation into your expanded home with the same ease as you scale your love to welcome your new born.
What is technology if it cannot be scaled up? Confio home automation system prides itself for its scalability. Whether it is adding more sensors or automating
added appliances or integrating security with lighting and entertainment – Confio is up for it!


Comfort is found in simple things, our solution is the simplest to implement using the latest wireless automation technology.
We pride ourselves in having an “Easy to Install” process. Our product is retrofit and works wonder with the existing system. No chipping and wiring required. With our App, all the Z-Wave
operated devices can be integrated and even can be manipulated.

“Smart Start” is one of the up-to-the-minute feature of our Gateway makes it unique and simple to get the system running.

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