Liquid Level Monitoring & Automation

Our patented level monitors are highly precise and convenient to install. It can monitor water (or any liquid) level and automate refilling or transfer. It also measures the volume consumption from each tank.

They have a long life owing to the no-contact nature of the product. Near-zero maintenance as these is solar-powered devices with wireless communication. Ultrasonic and solar-powered level monitor for tanks and sumps makes it easy and hassle-free to monitor your water reserves, report on usage as well as automate motor control.

Those dangling wires and crude level management setups are a thing of the past. Let your level monitor double up as your usage analyzer as well. Totally wireless solar-powered ultrasonic devices on LoRa.

Solar Powered


No hassle of wiring/power on your OHTs. If your OHT is any place with even a couple of hours sun a day, our devices are just drop-and-play.



We use premium ultrasonic level sensors that can precisely measure within a millimeter, up to seven meters deep.

Usage Reports


Volume remaining is constantly monitored and reported, thus enabling usage tracking.



With the optional motor controller, you can automate the motor operation fully. No more overflows or empty tanks.

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