At Confio, our objective is simple – Never walk into a dark home again.

Lighting is one of our solutions and we pride ourselves in providing one of the best and seamless automatic lighting systems in the country. In fact, this is where the Intelligent Home concept begins in Confio – we let you walk into a home that is bright and shining and yet our smart lighting will modulate itself according the need and ambience.

All of this, just at the tap on the mobile app!

Automatic Turn-on

Confio lighting solution is aware of the weather and time. Yes, it is true!

Open your door when it is dark outside or when it is raining and you will find the lights in your home automatically turn on from the hallway to your bedroom.

What more, a few minutes later you will find that the lighting system automatically adjusts to the environment outside while turning off unwanted lights.

Use Voice Commands

And if you too tired to use the mobile app (which is very rare since we have a wonderful mobile app) – You can control lighting and all other devices through your voice commands using smart speakers such as Alexa, Echo, Google Home, SIRI and Sonos One.

In fact, you should actually try the voice commands to get that amazing feeling of command and control over your home appliances and lighting!

Standalone or Integrated

At Confio, our solutions are flexible. So, whether it is just the standalone smart lighting system or a comprehensive automated lighting cum home appliances system – Confio makes it possible.

Our customers have it easy to choose from our flexible plans based on their requirement.

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