Control Products

8 Button Remote ( CT-8B )

8 Button Remote is a Z-wave central scene controller. When one of the buttons on the 8 Button remote is pushed, your Z-Wave central controller will receive a signal which it can use to trigger unlimited control possibilities. With 8 buttons, each supporting a long-press
capability, you can control 16 different actions in your central controller. The 8 Button Remote is a great solution for triggering events more quickly than taking out your smart-phone and running a home control App. The Scene Master is ideal for kids, elders and
guests who may not have full access to your smart homes mobile application and hence may not have the rights to switch on various lighting, heating, air conditioning, and other home appliance. With a convenient snap-in wall mount.

SOS Button ( CT-SOS )

SOS Button is a small portable remote designed especially for elders & children, when they encounter an emergency situation at home, gently press the SOS Button, it immediately triggers the alarm and sends the notification to your family members to prevent accidents.

3 buttons can control 6 preset scenes, if the battery is low you will receive the push notifications by the app.

Alexa & Google Home

Control Lights, AC, Curtains and many more just by your voice command.
Our Home Automation Solution is Integrated with ALexa and Google Home to bring you more comfort.

ZiControl App

The App can control and get push notifications over all the Z-Wave devices connected to the gateway.  It also provides very easy and powerful scene creation and control capabilities that will make all your creative smart home control idea come true.
Amazon echo is easily integrated with the App and the gateway so that you could do the voice control over all your smart home devices.

The App also provides option to integrate IP camera which as video surveillance functions, including live video, SD card/NAS/Drop box video playback and time lapse video playback.
You can enjoy the smart home control while viewing the live video anywhere in the world.

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