Home Automation the CONFIO way

At Confio, our core objective is to provide a seamless and integrated home automation system that promises heightened security while providing comfort and convenience. Home automation systems can be a heavy burden on the pocket but at Confio, we have a customized and economical solution for all homeowners – Our customers vouch for that.

We at Confio, have developed the ‘’Intelligent Home’’ concept wherein all devices and appliances synchronize and connect with each other. Intelligent Home allows you to monitor, communicate and control your home automation systems from anywhere, any time.

Our Solutions


At Confio, we have come up with a set of home security solutions that will take care of the safety and security aspects of your home.

Our objective is to keep intruders away! whenever there is a security breach not only it triggers Alarm, but also sends you alerts & makes a phone call.

We have designed 4 button Keychain remote that is easy to carry for elders. With one push send the notification to family and friends at the time of Emergency.

Lighting Solution

At Confio, our objective is simple – Never walk into a dark home again.

Lighting is one of our solutions and we pride ourselves in providing the best and seamless automatic lighting systems in the country with patent pending Lighting module.

Comfort and Convenience

Confio has designed a system to make your life more relish. Whether it’s switching on your Home Appliances, Air-conditioner, Watching Movie, Control Blinds, listen to music, just about everything in your home. Confio allows you to do with your Voice, smartphone and remote with a single touch.

Home is comfort, and comfort is home. This is what Confio believes in. Homeowners have enhanced experiences by having better control over all Home Appliances.

You can control your intelligent home with various devices. The choice is yours. You may use our intuit App or remote or voice.

Our integrated App gives an option to monitor and control home completely whether it is security, IP Cameras, lighting, appliances, and curtains. No need of switching between multiple Apps.

Tired of using App and Remote! Your voice is your command to your Intelligent Home. Say it and your virtual assistant (Alexa or Google Home) does it from turning on the geyser, open the blinds, dim lights to everything except security. Security is very key, and we want you only to have access to it, not your virtual assistant.

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