Smart Home is just a leap of faith away with Confio

A system designed for your house

Group 1

All your devices gets controlled by our gateway with
just a feather touch using our app. One functionality
brain to control all the components

A Gateway to comfort

Our gateway can be set up using an ID.
No vexation to apparatus our gateway

Smart start

Life is one scan away from being better. Your entire home gets
smart up with just a scan of 'QR' code in no time.


Let your voice embody the mastery
for your smart home control. You
command and make it happen.

Buying peace & Security is easier now

5 Best Samsung SmartThings Hub 2020

In-built siren to make your home secured.
With the invasion of an unclaimed visitor,
let your gateway buzz the siren on and
daunt off the intruder

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