Dimmer Module

Dim light to suit your mood

Dinner time, movie time, or family time, every occasion is
enjoyed better at different brightness levels. With our light
dimmers installed, you can adjust the brightness of your room
to make the best out of every moment.

Remote control through App

Watching a movie? Don’t feel like getting up from your couch
to dim or off the lights? No problem, you can use our intuitive
app or voice to switch off or decrease the brightness of lights.

Voice-controlled dimming

“Alexa, set brightness to 50%”. You can now set the dim lights
by a voice command. Set the right brightness to suit your mood
by voice commands.

Mood lighting

It’s a known fact that lighting has the
power to alter your mood. You can
create scenes with a specific brightness
level for different moods and invoke it
at the touch of a button for a smooth
transition to the required state of mind.

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