IoT And Home Automation

The Impact Of IoT On Mobile App Development

Written By : Nikki Kumari IoT, i.e., the Internet of Things, has impacted positively on various industries. Coming to mobile app development, how many are out there who doesn’t own a smartphone? Hardly we can get one or two because smartphones have come up with many uses in our daily life. But just having the smartphone wouldn’t help much, but the applications installed on it would really. Mobile applications using IoT have proved to be useful worldwide. Nowadays, we can’t even imagine life without a smartphone. Well, for a moment, we can imagine our life without a smartphone but not without the Internet. , in the below article,…

Perfect Smart Home

Here is How You Build a Smart Home The Smart Way

Written By : Nikki Kumari Today, it has become very simple to control your whole home with your smartphone. The world has turned into a smarter one then why not you? You might be using some of the smart devices; then, you can also jump into making your whole home into a smart one. Having a smart home is not a big deal, but you should better know what you should choose. For all the beginners out there, don’t just choose any Smart device because, in the end, it will turn into a doomed one. You better first research properly about the Smart devices instead of regretting them…

Amazon Alexa

11 Amazing New Alexa Features Heading Your Way

Written By : Nikki Kumari Alexa, which was introduced early in 2014 on a YouTube channel. Nevertheless, it got popular in recent years after 2019. A personal assistant who could always be ready to perform any activity on just a single command. Well, not only for you, it can be proved friendly for your kids too. Yes, now your kids don’t have to run for different tuitions to get their doubts. They can ask Alexa, and that will be done most easily. There are even more features coming ahead that we will be rolling out in the article 1.Smart Security Systems We all are too concerned about our…

door sensor security

How Does a Door Sensor Work?

Written By: Nikki Kumari Everyone is concerned about their safety in today’s world. Coming onto the main door, it’s the greeting to threaten your safety. If you are concerned about your safety, you should d also be aware of the type of doorbell you are using. Well, how can a doorbell contribute to your safety? What Is a Smart Doorbell? Well, even you might be wondering, how can a doorbell be considered for our home’s safety? That’s why it’s called a smart doorbell which is not a common one that is just used to produce the sound of ding-dong when someone arrives. Instead, the smart doorbell has wonders…

new smart home ideas

 25 Smart Home Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2021

Written By : Nikki Kumari We all crave a life where everything can be done automatically. Earlier, it was considered a joke to imagine, but now you are in a technological era where anything is impossible. With the help of smart wireless devices, you will be working smarter than working harder. Thus, below we have some of the smart home devices lists for you, which you must go for. Smart Home Devices List 1. Smart Lock: We are so concerned about our family’s safety the most, and we can never compromise with it. The main threat is our main through which we welcome thieves in our home. Do…

Wireless home automation using IoT and

Wireless Home Automation Systems using IoT and Its Working

Written By : Nikki Kumari I know you cannot handle the bunch of wires out there; they are just pissing you off. Are you the one who takes your home décor very seriously? But these bunch of wires are becoming eyesores, and you are finding no way to hide them. Don’t even find a way to hide it. Wondering, why? Home automation system devices can be installed without the need for wires, thanks to the IoT. Yes, you got it Right! Without a doubt, the IoT is doing wonders everywhere, then how can it leave here? Go for wireless home automation, and you are going to give a…

Google Home Tips In Home Automation

Try These 9 Google Home Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Written By : Nikki Kumari Are you looking for someone who can do all your works with just a single voice command? Earlier, it was a matter of joke even to imagine, but not now as there are many Artificial Intelligence. But AIs are not only limited to the manufacturing and industries sectors; these can also be used for your personal use using Google Home. Let’s get to know about Google Home below. What is Google Home? Google Home is a smart speaker that performs the activity using your voice command. You can ask Google Home to do your work. It acts like your personal virtual assistant that…

automatic door locks

Automatic Security So You Can Lock And Unlock Doors Remotely

Written By : Atul Nawani Artificial Intelligence is advancing today, and many companies are providing Artificial Intelligence to lock and unlock your door remotely from anywhere. Smart locks can control who has access to your home and when. These locks will allow you to create a virtual key or pin code to give the owners more security. Automatic security gives you remote access, no spare keys, and you can have hands free entry when you are carrying any groceries or anything; with smart locks, you just enter the pin and then you can enter your home. Automatic security is very convenient. You can add extra automatic security features to…

alexa and home automation

20 Alexa Tips and Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

Written By : Nikki Kumari The best human being’s every creation is Artificial Intelligence which has made our life automated. But is AI only for industries and factories? There was a time when only manufacturing industries used artificial intelligence (AI). Guess what? AI is now available for personal usage as well. The best example that has become very popular is Amazon Alexa, which you might know as Alexa. What is the Alexa? Alexa is a personal virtual assistant for you who can interact and do things for you. If you don’t have one or one of you already, then get into the below article, which will let you…

Gas detection and Monitoring System

5 Reasons You Should Know About Gas Monitoring

Written By : Nikki Kumari We cannot avoid the built industries, but we can avoid those explosions happening through gas monitoring. Gas monitoring could be a considerable measure to be taken to avoid these explosions. Well, what is gas monitoring? Let’s get to know about it below. What Is a Gas Monitoring System? A gas monitoring system is a device that is designed in a way that it can detect harmful gases, and the latter is connected to alarms that will ring if detected. There are two types of gas monitors portable and fixed gas monitoring systems. Can use those for harmful gases, combustible and toxic gases, to…

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