Wireless home automation using IoT and

Wireless Home Automation Systems using IoT and Its Working

Written By : Nikki Kumari I know you cannot handle the bunch of wires out there; they are just pissing you off. Are you the one who takes your home décor very seriously? But these bunch of wires are becoming eyesores, and you are finding no way to hide them. Don’t even find a way to hide it. Wondering, why? Home automation system devices can be installed without the need for wires, thanks to the IoT. Yes, you got it Right! Without a doubt, the IoT is doing wonders everywhere, then how can it leave here? Go for wireless home automation, and you are going to give a…

Google Home Tips In Home Automation

Try These 9 Google Home Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Written By : Nikki Kumari Are you looking for someone who can do all your works with just a single voice command? Earlier, it was a matter of joke even to imagine, but not now as there are many Artificial Intelligence. But AIs are not only limited to the manufacturing and industries sectors; these can also be used for your personal use using Google Home. Let’s get to know about Google Home below. What is Google Home? Google Home is a smart speaker that performs the activity using your voice command. You can ask Google Home to do your work. It acts like your personal virtual assistant that…

automatic door locks

Automatic Security So You Can Lock And Unlock Doors Remotely

Written By : Atul Nawani Artificial Intelligence is advancing today, and many companies are providing Artificial Intelligence to lock and unlock your door remotely from anywhere. Smart locks can control who has access to your home and when. These locks will allow you to create a virtual key or pin code to give the owners more security. Automatic security gives you remote access, no spare keys, and you can have hands free entry when you are carrying any groceries or anything; with smart locks, you just enter the pin and then you can enter your home. Automatic security is very convenient. You can add extra automatic security features to…

alexa and home automation

20 Alexa Tips and Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

Written By : Nikki Kumari The best human being’s every creation is Artificial Intelligence which has made our life automated. But is AI only for industries and factories? There was a time when only manufacturing industries used artificial intelligence (AI). Guess what? AI is now available for personal usage as well. The best example that has become very popular is Amazon Alexa, which you might know as Alexa. What is the Alexa? Alexa is a personal virtual assistant for you who can interact and do things for you. If you don’t have one or one of you already, then get into the below article, which will let you…

Gas detection and Monitoring System

5 Reasons You Should Know About Gas Monitoring

Written By : Nikki Kumari We cannot avoid the built industries, but we can avoid those explosions happening through gas monitoring. Gas monitoring could be a considerable measure to be taken to avoid these explosions. Well, what is gas monitoring? Let’s get to know about it below. What Is a Gas Monitoring System? A gas monitoring system is a device that is designed in a way that it can detect harmful gases, and the latter is connected to alarms that will ring if detected. There are two types of gas monitors portable and fixed gas monitoring systems. Can use those for harmful gases, combustible and toxic gases, to…

Smart Video Doorbell For Home Automation

How Does Wireless Video Doorbell Work?

Written By: Nikki Kumari Today, Wireless video doorbell has become a necessity, as we all concern about our safety much. Thanks to the video doorbell, which lets us know that who is standing on our door and if we should allow them to enter or not. Well, how does this happen? Let’s have a look at it: What is Wireless Doorbell System? A wireless doorbell system sends the signal to the receiver inside the home to alert them who is at the door. It also lets you see that person and stream live video to have a look at their behaviour. It’s unnecessary that you have to be…

Smart Video Doorbell

5 Reasons You Need a Wireless Video Doorbell System

Written By : Nikki Kumari Those were the days when you were supposed to get up and go to the door to open the door and find out who the person is at the door. These have become old, now even you should get advanced, as even the world is becoming. When you are in the world of smart home automation, then why are you even worrying? Smart home automation using IoT have given access to control your home from wherever you are. The smart device, i.e., Wireless Video Doorbell System, can not be an exception, as it has become a necessity with days. Even you might be…

IoT In Home Automation

IoT In Home Automation-Create an Ultimate IoT Smart Home

Written By : Nikki Kumari IoT is a concept of connecting IoT physical devices or things to software, sensors and many other technologies to exchange information and process accordingly using the Internet. It was first developed by Kevin Ashton, in 1999 but it came into recognition almost after a decade. IoT is very important in smart home automation as all the devices are connected through that concept itself. It makes you understand the complex technological world more simply, making your lifestyle very easy. What Is IoT Smart Home Technology? Using the Internet of Things concept, new technology has been evolved in recent years, i.e., smart home technology. Smart…

IoT And Smart Home Automation

How Will IoT and Smart Home Automation Will Change Our Lives?

Written By : Nikki Kumari As known, IoT has numerous applications since introduced to the world. As IoT has been covered with applications in many different sectors, it is now evolving with many applications in smart home automation. How is it even done? Well, you will be getting to know everything in the below article. What Is IoT? IoT, i.e., the Internet of Things, is the physical devices or things connected to software, sensors, or any technological terms. Since Kevin Ashton coined the word in 1999, it took around a decade to get recognition worldwide. The term accelerated after around ten years, i.e., 2010 and 2011 and started…

Iot Future in home automation

Is IoT The Future?

Written By : Nikki Kumari Internet of Things has seen a great evolvement since now. Since IoT was born in 1999, it has come through along. It was not even known to people since 2013, but then people started getting to know the terms after 2013. The concept was first introduced in the Coca-Cola machine, making it easy for people to know whether the drink is cold or not before going for a trip. Well, it’s just a glimpse of how the concept of IoT was used before. Nevertheless, now it has seen a huge change with the overcoming years. Internet of Things is used to communicate with…

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