Written By : Nikki Kumari

IoT, i.e., the Internet of Things, has impacted positively on various industries. Coming to mobile app development, how many are out there who doesn’t own a smartphone? Hardly we can get one or two because smartphones have come up with many uses in our daily life.

But just having the smartphone wouldn’t help much, but the applications installed on it would really. Mobile applications using IoT have proved to be useful worldwide. Nowadays, we can’t even imagine life without a smartphone. Well, for a moment, we can imagine our life without a smartphone but not without the Internet. , in the below article, you will know that how IoT has impacted mobile app development.

What Is IoT?

There was a time during the 90s; the Internet was new to the world. Then comes Kevin Ashton, who introduced IoT, i.e., the Internet of Things, for one of his projects. Although, it didn’t receive popularity as people were not much familiar with the concept. Meanwhile, in 2014, when the world was in huge demand of the Internet, IoT just got accelerated everywhere and saw a huge boom. Well, then what is this IoT we are talking about?

IoT is a concept of connecting physical things or devices to software, sensors or any technological means and transfer data to each other using the Internet. Internet of Things has seen huge applications in various sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, smart home automation, and many others. Without a doubt, it has made life easy and accessible and has been proven to get things done in a short period than human power. Talking about the IoT, it has never-ending applications overall, but it has made our life way more convenient.

What is IoT Mobile App Development?

No doubt IoT and mobile app development move hand-in-hand. IoT has made it easy for people to contact machines, but mobile apps wouldn’t have been possible.

IoT app development has been used in many areas like production, transport, management, and many. It has made easy to create the smart home and smart cities too. Mobile app development using IoT has come up with many solutions. They help in consuming less energy that means we will indirectly be saving a lot of natural energy. In the same way, it also helps the transfer of the data by managing the data and securing them simultaneously.

Let’s Now Have A Look At Impact Of IoT On Mobile App Development

  • Focusing on End User Requirement

Earlier, the main focus of the app developers was just to fulfil the requirements of end-users and make it user friendly for them. Meanwhile, the technology using IoT is getting installed everywhere, even at your home. Thus, the focus has been shifted from keeping it user friendly to IoT packed. It is because there are many smart home automation devices out there in your home that need to be connected to your smartphone to transfer data. This can only be possible when the phone is made using IoT technology.

Many competitions are going on in the market to fulfil the requirements of end-users to their fullest. To stand on their expectations, IoT developers have tried their best to create mobile apps that are user-friendly and based on IoT technology. IoT and mobile app development go hand-in-hand; if it doesn’t happen, you won’t be able to access smart home automation as an end-user.

  • Well Management of Human Effort

Earlier, there were no options to manage all of your tasks at once. Instead, you were supposed to wait for the first task to get completed to start with the second one. But now, mobile app development using IoT, you will be able to check your cab location, set your lights, set your temperature, have a look at your camera and many more.

Here, IoT has made it easy for both developers and end-users. End users now don’t have to wait for the first task to get completed. Instead, they can manage all the tasks altogether. Meanwhile, even IoT developers don’t have to waste time adding all the features in just one app and making it complicated. Instead, they can develop multiple applications according to the requirement.

  • Centralized App

The centralized concept app can be very well explained using smart home automation. You install smart devices to your home using IoT technology; you get access to control your whole home. You cannot have multiple mobile applications to control all your devices as you will not access all the devices altogether.

When you have a centralized app where you can set lightings, track your uber, set temperature, heat water, and do many things. Coming to security, it is the main concern that we all have today. Thus, mobile app development using IoT is the best method to maintain your security. It will notify you always about who is entering your home; you can also change your key at the last moment from stopping people from getting access to it. So IoT technology is far better to be used in smartphones to be user friendly for the end-users and make it easy for them to use.


As mentioned above, IoT had introduced years ago but came into recognition during 2014 when people started looking for advanced technology. Thanks to IoT developers, who have made it possible, and today we have got all the access to our own devices. So how does it feel to be boss of your own? IoT has seen a great development, and even in the future, it will be evolving with even more. Meanwhile, as smartphones are handy, it has become our necessity that we don’t even leave them away for a while. IoT Technology getting access into it is a great technology to interact with the devices around us, which has made USA  convenient and comfortable life to lead further.

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