Written By : Nikki Kumari

Alexa, which was introduced early in 2014 on a YouTube channel. Nevertheless, it got popular in recent years after 2019. A personal assistant who could always be ready to perform any activity on just a single command. Well, not only for you, it can be proved friendly for your kids too. Yes, now your kids don’t have to run for different tuitions to get their doubts. They can ask Alexa, and that will be done most easily. There are even more features coming ahead that we will be rolling out in the article

1.Smart Security Systems

We all are too concerned about our safety that we are not ready to compromise with it. Many of you might be living alone; the reality always threatens you that if something happens, then whom will you call.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Alexa is here to help you out with it. Whenever you feel that something unfamiliar is happening in your home, you can ask, “Alexa, Call for help”. Since Alexa Guard Plus is the new feature added to Alexa, it will directly call security guards to arrange the requirements and arrive by time. Meanwhile, Alexa also plays barking sounds when some intruder enters your space to make you aware someone has entered.

2. Kids Mode

As mentioned, Alexa is no more only for you. It can now be accessed by your kids too. With the upcoming feature, Alexa can have parental control when hearing a kid’s voice. Yes, whenever your kid asks something Alexa, will answer, change its voice and answer in a friendly way.

Keeping fun apart can also provide your kids with parental controls. Thus, it’s not necessary that you have to control them for whole 24/7; you can also shift your work to Alexa. It will look after your kid with better guidance.

3. Reading Along with Your Kids

Today, as everything has become online, it isn’t easy to make your kids read. It feels like they have lost their complete interest to study as they have no one to read along with. Well, how can Alexa leave her kids alone?

With the new feature of Alexa Sidekick, Alexa will be reading along with your kids. Meanwhile, it will also correct when your kids go wrong. This could make you feel more like a natural assistant rather than giving you a feel of the robot.

4.Live Video Streaming

Live video calling with your neighbours and loved ones is something that you have been doing till today. Nonetheless, Amazon is all set to add new filters to video calls; this will add even more fun during the call.

This feature will not just stop with Amazon Echo Show 10; it will get continued with Fire TV. Yes, now you will stream live video calls on Fire TV by connecting Logitech Webcam with it.

5. Alexa Care Hub

If you stay away from your family and you are always concerned about your aged family members. Don’t feel that anything can be done, as Alexa has developed a new feature of care hub. It will be connected to you and your close ones.

Alexa will keep on notifying you that when was the last time they reached Alexa. Meanwhile, if it has been long and they haven’t used Alexa in a day, it will alert you soon. This would not make you feel that you are away from your family when you can have a live report of your loved one.

6. Extra Smart Security

With the known fact, Echo Show 10 provides a high-definition picture. Additionally, it has come up with even greater moves. With the updated feature, Echo Show 10 can move, till or zoom the picture to keep that person in a frame using an AZ1 neural processor and silent brushless motor.

It means that you can also have a good look at your home and keep an eye on who is over there. Echo Show 10 uses a 13-megapixel sensor to zoom, tilt and pan the person in a frame and recognize a human body.

7.Netflix on Echo Show

Now Netflix is all ready to stream on Echo Show too. Yes, with the streaming of Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, you can also stream Netflix. As it’s a season of Money Heist Season 5, this could go to be the good news for you all.

Now, you don’t have to spend a boring time in your kitchen, as you have got multiple options to stream in.

8. Better Detection of Sound

As Amazon already mentioned that Alexa could detect the sounds like glass breaking or the sound of an alarm and alert accordingly. Now, what if even more sounds get added to make your life easier. Like how?

Imagine if you are in your room and your baby starts crying at midnight. During that time, you cannot run and switch on the lights. Not needed actually when Alexa can detect the baby crying sound and switch on the lights automatically.

9. Better Privacy Settings

There might be many over here who don’t want to keep their voice notes saved. Well, let me inform you that Alexa has the best way to maintain your privacy. You can ask Alexa about can you review your privacy. Through that link, you can delete all your saved voice notes.  Meanwhile, you also get an option never to save your voice notes so that Alexa will immediately delete the voice notes whenever it gets done with performing its activity.

10. Natural Turn-Taking

Alexa has come up with a new feature to distinguish voice automatically. You can add Alexa to your conversation, which could give a kick to your discussion, making it even more interesting. You can ask “Alexa: Join Our Conversation “. It also can distinguish the sound of a human being and a speaker; it will make you feel more like a natural assistant.

11. Enables Group Calling

Soon you will be able to call all of 8 members simultaneously using Amazon group speaker. You have to ask “Alexa: Call my family” and mention the group name.

That means you have to set up a group on the Alexa app and add a name so that Alexa can recognize whom it has to call.

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