Written By: Nikki Kumari

Everyone is concerned about their safety in today’s world. Coming onto the main door, it’s the greeting to threaten your safety. If you are concerned about your safety, you should d also be aware of the type of doorbell you are using. Well, how can a doorbell contribute to your safety?

What Is a Smart Doorbell?

Well, even you might be wondering, how can a doorbell be considered for our home’s safety? That’s why it’s called a smart doorbell which is not a common one that is just used to produce the sound of ding-dong when someone arrives. Instead, the smart doorbell has wonders to do.

The smart doorbell is a wireless doorbell that works through a Wi-Fi network, which has an in-built camera that can record a digitalised and high-definition video. Cloud storage can store the videos for the future.

Working Of a Door Sensor

There are multiple types of door sensors available in the market; if not, you can also buy them online. Well, most door sensors use a reed switch in common and a magnet parallel to it. To make you understand in a practical way how it works, imagine you close the lid of your laptop. Have you ever wondered that how does it gets automatically switched off? It’s because of the reed switch present over there that attracts the magnet.

What is a reed switch? A reed switch is a sensor that looks like a small glass capsule; also, you can observe electrical leads coming out of each end. W. B Ellwood introduced the switch at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1936, but never mind; it earned its patent in 1941.

The door sensor is designed so that a reed switch would be attached to the door and a magnet parallel to it. So whenever the door gets closed, that means a closed circuit has happened. But whenever you open the door, the circuit gets to break, which starts ringing an alarm and letting it notify the control panel.

The Best Locations Where Door Sensors Can Work Finest

1. Door

As doors are considered the hotspot for thieves, make sure that you have a strong red signal not to let them enter. Let your known ones enter with a welcome sign but not the intruders. To prevent intruders from entering your area, you need to install a door sensor.

2. Windows

As we all have seen in the movies, if the thieves don’t get away to enter through your main door, their next option is your window. Don’t even think of giving them an option as that’s going to cost you. Let just air enter your windows but not thieves, and it’s obvious to install a door sensor on your window too.

How Else Can a Door Sensor Be Used?

Technologies are massive, and their applications are uncountable. When a technology is introduced for a particular purpose, you can still use it for many other fields. That’s called hacks; you have to know different tricks and tips to use them in different fields. The same can be applied to door sensors, to it carries massive uses. Meanwhile, a doorbell company known as SimpliSafe lets you choose an option according to your convenience. Given this, it lets you choose whether you want a full-time alarm or a long and detailed message send by mail or a private notification sent to you without ringing a public alarm.

How to Install a Door Sensor?

Regardless of the brand or business you choose, each door sensor will notify you if an intruder is detected. Also, if someone breaches the protected area, it will start playing a loud alarm to make you aware before. Thus, how can you install it then?

1. First Insert Battery and Test Sensor

Before installing anything in your home, the same goes for a door sensor. Do check it before installing, if it’s working properly or not. It’s going to be difficult to open all the accessories again as they are complex to fix. So to simplify things check the sensor before

Meanwhile, don’t forget to install as some of the hubs require batteries to perform an activity. Batteries also act as a source of working for door sensors.

2. Find a Suitable Location

As mentioned already, door sensors are complex to fix again. Thus, check for the door again and fix the door sensor in the right location to avoid further problems. Check out the side of the door first, and then before fixing it, take a trial if that’s going to work or not. Don’t just move on to fix it, as it’s going to be a crucial step.

3. Mount the Sensor

Just installing a sensor would not help you. Mount it well using screws or adhesive tape; you can go with anyone. Adhesive tapes are easier to paste, but it’s for permanent you cannot reuse them further. Screws can be recycled, but they can only be used on wood and forever leave the whole.

Note Tip: While installing the magnet, be careful and check if you are pasting it on the right side or not.

4. Finally, Set Up Alarming and Disalarming Rules

Understandably, you will get pissed off if the alarm gets on ringing whenever someone arrives at your home. Yes, it’s a matter of safety, but then don’t let it irritate you, and the loud sound of the alarm can disturb your neighbours too.

To avoid this, you can set up the settings according to your convenience. Although the alarm is important, before that, you can set up to send you a notification personally, so that you can be intimated of someone arrives. Meanwhile, if you doubt with the notification that who is trying to open the door, then you can set up from your phone to ring up a loud alarm so that everyone at your home can get intimated.

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