Written By : Nikki Kumari

We all crave a life where everything can be done automatically. Earlier, it was considered a joke to imagine, but now you are in a technological era where anything is impossible. With the help of smart wireless devices, you will be working smarter than working harder. Thus, below we have some of the smart home devices lists for you, which you must go for.

Smart Home Devices List

1. Smart Lock:

We are so concerned about our family’s safety the most, and we can never compromise with it. The main threat is our main through which we welcome thieves in our home. Do you think that your normal lock is helping out? No.

As far as you are and your family’s safety is concerned, a smart lock will work best for you. It will get connected to your Wi-Fi and lets you get the report of who has entered your home. Meanwhile, you can also control who you should let enter your home through your smartphone, even when not at home.

2. Smart Thermostat:

There are times when you get so tired with your whole day work and what you all need is to reach your home and have enough rest. But is that easy? You get pissed off just by imagining that you have to go back and adjust the temperature.

Instead of spending your hours in this, install a smart learning thermostat. This will learn your behaviour for some days and automatically set the right temperature before you arrive home. Here you get your saviour finally.

3. Video Doorbell:

Get a glimpse, not only the glimpse but a detail of who is entering your home before they do. Video doorbells can record a high-definition video in a digital form. If some intruder tries to breach your protected area, immediately, it will ring a loud alarm to make all of you aware that there is something wrong happening.

However, the alarm is not going to ring always and disturb your neighbours. With its AI technology, it can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces. Anyhow, it’s first going to notify you, and if it’s needed, you can set it to ring the alarm.

4. Smart Speakers:

You all might have heard about Google Assistant, Alexa and many smart speakers as such. Well, what are they? They are your virtual assistants. Yes! They are going to perform all your activity by just using your voice command.

You have to command them to do it for you. That’s it; everything is going to happen according to your needs. So how do you feel to have cool smart home devices with you?

5. Smart Streaming Device:

Today, we all barely know who our neighbours are. It may be because we don’t go outside much or we don’t get time. No matter what the reason is, but the smart streaming device is here to help you.

Anyhow, your students will meet their friends while going to school on the bus or maybe at the school. After coming home, they would surely force you to make them talk to their friends. During that time, you can use a smart streaming device, and when your child is speaking, you can get along with their parents in real-time.

6. Smart Gas Monitor:

We all carry a misconception that gas monitors should only be installed in factories and industries. Not, as gas leakages can happen anywhere, no wonder where you are.

Hence, you should install a smart gas monitor at your home for your family’s safety. The smart detectors will automatically let you know if toxic gases like CO get detected. Meanwhile, it will also guide you to the source so that you can fix it.

7. Smart Leak Detectors:

We all at first ignore the water leakage problem and end up facing the biggest problem, though. Instead of waiting for it to happen, install smart leak detectors where there are chances of leakage.

If you have a strong Wi-Fi location, then you will get a notification on your phone. Finally, now you don’t have to wait and keep ignoring the issue. Instead, you can fix it right at that time.

8. Door Sensors:

Door sensors are the smart way to detect who just entered your home. The technology of circuit opening and closing helps to identify the intruders. It can be connected to virtual assistants like Google Assistant Or Alexa and integrated using a Wi-Fi network.

9. Motion Sensor Smart Lights:

Get ahead with smart lighting, which would great prove to save energy and your electricity bill too. The lights of the room will turn on and off when you enter or leave the room. It also can dim the lights at night, which results in saving energy.

10. Smart Garden:

Are you a plant-loving person? This makes you not go for your long vacation too as you are worried about your garden. Well, now you can leave as you will be leaving behind the smart garden to take of your plants.

It will automatically water the plants when it observes that soil needs it. Meanwhile, it will also cut out the long grown grass by making the garden look beautiful.

11. Smart TV

When you have everything smart device in your home, then why not a TV? Smart TVs comes up with in-built streaming applications like Netflix, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video and many more. Meanwhile, they can also be integrated using smart speakers, so now you can stream your favourite show by just sitting on your couch.

12. Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are one of the best technology for you to maintain your lifestyle. How? Imagine you are enjoying your own space on the weekend in your home. But then extra natural light keeps on poking you. Well, you have smart blinds; you can use your smartphone to set up your smart blinds and enjoy your weekend.

In the same way, there are some rainy days when the day seems to be dim. To do this, even you don’t feel to get up and start your day. Again, using your smart speaker or smartphone, you can adjust the blinds. Also, they can add extra lights to maintain your mood accordingly.

13. Smart Shower Head

As we all know, that water is a precious resource that is on the verge of extinction. In many areas, people have already started facing the problem of lack of water. Though many awareness programs are going to save water, we still tend to waste it. Yes, because many of us are on the showerhead and wait for the hot water to come.

By doing this, we already waste gallons of water that is going to cost us later. Given this, install a smart shower head, inform it of the movement you get up early in the morning. Meanwhile, the water will start getting heated and will save water when you start taking a bath.

14. Smart Air Conditioner

The smart air conditioner is the best way to save money and energy. We all crave a personalized climate at our home, and the smart air conditioner will do that. The sensors present in the smart air conditioner will detect the temperature and humidity, depending on that it is on or off the thermostat. Your home will always have an ideal temperature by avoiding the room getting cool unnecessarily through this process.

15. Home Automate Management System

To manage 100s of smart devices in our home, we don’t have to download 100s of applications. Instead, you can install the Hubitat Mobile app, which would allow you to manage different smart devices from a single location.

16. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the important smart devices that play a crucial role in making our day. It can be managed through a smartphone or a smart speaker. Now you don’t have to set the lighting on your own. On behalf of you, it will be done by smart lighting depending on the day or night, or it could also set the ambience for your date nights.

17. Smart Security Floodlight

As mentioned already, we are all concerned about our safety the most. So, we should also not be compromising with it, instead should take a strict measurement about it. Then go ahead with a smart security floodlight, which can act as a camera at night time and zoom and tilt to bring the person in the frame.

18. Baby Monitor

Though you are a bit fussy being a mom but you cannot always monitor your child. There is an Owlet Smart Sock out there, which will let you know your child’s health status. It also gets you along with the child’s sleep pattern and always alerts you to change your parenting skill.

19. Echo Show 10

We all tend to be very busy with our schedules, but we want to know the news because that’s how we all start our day. Since we don’t get the time to sit and read the newspaper, you can ask Alexa to read the day’s news while doing your chores.

20. Smart Air Purifier

Though we all live in our house, we still feel suffocated due to not getting the fresh air. Then get along with a smart air purifier that will manage the amount of air entering your house, and if it somehow enters, it will manage to purify it before it reaches you out. The best is that it doesn’t even create sound and make you feel irritated.

21. Smart during all these processesmart Coffee Makers

Here you just came from your office, but then you also crave a coffee to get relaxed. Well, who is going to get up and make it? Thus, you end up making coffee and start getting relaxed without it. Not anymore, install a smart coffee maker and inform it after you get into your home, and it will make coffee for you in few minutes.

22. Smart Electrical Controller

We all get threatened during storms or while it’s raining because of electrical shocks. Nonetheless, Kasa Smart App enables you to switch on and off electricity through your smartphone. You don’t have to get scared when you have ELT certified surge protector to protect you from further accidents due to electricity.

22. Smart Fans

Summer days are about to come. Does it happen that you cannot get up and switch on the fan due to unbearable heat? Then install a smart fan as your regular fan and control it through your smartphone. You can also set timings to avoid getting up to switch off your fan.

23. Smart Pet Dogs

Just as your smart door lock, the pet dog will also help you be on a safer hand for your pets. You can have access to when to let your pet go out. Also, the door will automatically get opened whenever it arrives near the door.

24. Smart Refrigerator

We all sometimes forget some of our grocery items which effect in making our decided dinner dish. Bring out a smart refrigerator today, and it will notify you every day what you are supposed to buy for the day. Meanwhile, it will also let you know if you have left the door opened; anyhow, you can close it using your smartphone from anywhere.

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