Written By : Nikki Kumari

Are you looking for someone who can do all your works with just a single voice command? Earlier, it was a matter of joke even to imagine, but not now as there are many Artificial Intelligence. But AIs are not only limited to the manufacturing and industries sectors; these can also be used for your personal use using Google Home. Let’s get to know about Google Home below.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart speaker that performs the activity using your voice command. You can ask Google Home to do your work. It acts like your personal virtual assistant that could do everything for you with just a voice command. Let’s get into the tips of using Google Home that could make your life easier.

9 Cool Tips to Use Google Home Which Could Make Your Life Easier


1. You Can Use Google Home as a Remote

We all want everything to happen automatically in our life without even getting up. That’s the thing that happens with your remote too. Just connect your Google Home to your smart TV, then enjoy your favourite channel with just your voice command.

Meanwhile, if it’s raining outside, what you are missing is a soothing song that could make you whole and make you enjoy the weather. Well, you don’t have to run to your dining room for this; you can ask Google Home to play your favourite demanding song. Thus, now the control will be in your finger. You need to command for it to happen.

2. You Can Create Custom Command for Yourself

As we all know, smart speakers like Google Home already have some of the in-built commands. Like you can ask “Google Home, what is the news of the day” then it will surely answer this question.

Although it does, there are some of the commands that are based on your life routine. For example, if you have to heat the oven at 7 a.m., you can directly ask Google Home for it as it has not yet been used. That doesn’t mean that you will never be able to do it; instead, you have to create custom commands.

3. It Will Help You to Find Your Phone

Many times, we all forget our phone somewhere, and then we cannot even find it. We start finding it under the couch, bed, on the table and in all the other places where there could be a possibility. Sadly, we end up finding it nowhere.

Come on; you have Google Home with you, then why are you getting onto your nerves. You need to have the ‘Find My Device App’ on your phone. Well, now you can ask your Google Home to search for your phone, and it will start ringing until you search for it and reach near it.

4. It Lets You Control Your Smart Home

Are you having many other smart devices in your home? Then you have the best reason to use Google Home. It could work as your assistant. With just a single voice command, you can withdraw the benefits of Google Home, with switching on the lights, setting the right temperature, playing songs for you, looking out the security and many more.

Well, how does it feel to be your boss? Imagine you are on your way home but just got pissed off by thinking that you have to go and spend hours setting up the right temperature. Not anymore, you can ask Google Home to set the right temperature until you reach your home, and it will do it for you.

On these difficult days, we’ve all been working from home. Working from home is just becoming boring day by day as we all end up doing but being frustrated at the end of the day.

Not really, because you have Google Home. How can you even get bored when you have Google Home with you? Just say, “Ok Google, tell me a story” or “Ok Google, let’s play a game and many things as such, which could make your stress go away.

5. Set Up Your Daily Routine

You can set up Google Home in such a way that, when you get up, you say, “Ok, Google, Good Morning,” and in return for that, it could let you know about your whole day routine. This means that you get a quick revision about the events you have to perform the whole day. Although, with that, it can also pull up the smart blinds and set up the thermostat.

This you can set it for the night time too. To this, when you say “Ok Google, Good Night”, it will inform you about the important events of the next day. Meanwhile, it will also pull down the smart blinds and set down the thermostat to allow you to have a good sleep.

6. Find Plumbers Around You

We all get to shift to new areas around, and as we have started isolating ourselves, we don’t get to search for the right plumbers around. However, we cannot even go and ask our neighbours as we have never shared a bond.

Again, don’t rely upon someone else when Google Home is there with you. Just ask it, and it will provide you with all of the best plumber’s contact whom you can go for.

7. Ask it to Remember Your Password.

Today, we are all concerned about our safety, which has made us create strong passwords for all the different applications. Without a doubt, we use around 100s of applications, and we cannot remember all of the passwords.

Google Home will do it for you. Ask it to remember your password with a particular application name so that whenever you’ll ask it, it will let you know.

8. Get Help with Your Favourite Dish

Many of us might have been living away from our homes, and we crave homemade food. Well, for this you cannot travel to your home every day instead you can make your favourite food at your home.

Ask Google to play the video of your favourite recipe. Now you can have a helping hand in your kitchen too who will guide you step-by-step.

9. Get Your Workout Trainer

We all plan to work out every day and always dream of having a healthy body. But dreaming is not going to help you; by the way, you have to work for it.

You know what, you have a personal trainee at your home, i.e., your Google Home. Ask Google to play 7 minutes workout session for you. Now you have no reason to back out from your workout.

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