Written By : Atul Nawani

Artificial Intelligence is advancing today, and many companies are providing Artificial Intelligence to lock and unlock your door remotely from anywhere. Smart locks can control who has access to your home and when. These locks will allow you to create a virtual key or pin code to give the owners more security. Automatic security gives you remote access, no spare keys, and you can have hands free entry when you are carrying any groceries or anything; with smart locks, you just enter the pin and then you can enter your home. Automatic security is very convenient. You can add extra automatic security features to lock and unlock your doors remotely. Which will be extra protection for your home, which you can remotely access from anywhere in the world.

Add Smart Door Locks & a Smart Garage Opener, Which Will Lock And Unlock Your Door Remotely.

You can install smart door locks and garage openers for improved security and enhanced automated convenience to your home’s entry points. There is a keypad at the entry point of your home, and you have to enter your pin, or you can add your fingerprint to it if you have installed a fingerprint keypad. This will be a critical free experience, and a smart door lock works with your and your family’s needs to make front door security hassle-free. When you have to use your home’s garage for the exit, a smart garage door opener will be very convenient. A smart garage door opener is significantly essential for careless people and leaves their garage door open. If you somehow left your garage door open, then a smart garage opener gives you the ability to close and lock it remotely. These innovative door locks and garage openers will provide you peace of mind for all of the entry points to your home, and they will allow you to fix any open access points while home or away.

Smart Doorbell Cameras Connected With Doors Access Your Door And Lock And Unlock Them Remotely.

A smart doorbell is also a very advanced feature in automatic security for locking and unlocking your doors. Doorbell cameras have grown in popularity in the last several years for a good reason. A smart doorbell camera is a very convenient way to monitor your front door. A smart doorbell camera allows you to have a wide-angle view of your front door. These smart doorbell cameras can detect any movement outside your home and alert you, and it also has a weather-resistant outer layer that protects it from harsh weather. It also contains an audio feature that allows you to talk with that individual at your front door, and if someone is breaking in your door, this smart camera will alert you that there is movement outside your door. Also, these smart doorbell camera is paired with door lock which can work together to enable you to find who is at your front door and then remotely lock or unlock your door if you want to welcome them inside your home. With an innovative doorbell application, you can easily lock and unlock your door.

How does automatic security connect with doors and how do they connect to the other devices and how can we remotely lock and unlock these doors, and how can we physically lock and unlock them?

In every consumer’s mind, these questions always arrive about how these devices work and easily access them because everyone is not tech-savvy. As mentioned below, there are few methods so that you can connect your doors with other devices.

You Can Remotely Access Your Automatic Security With These:

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth locks will help you connect with the application that will lock or unlock your door remotely. When you are coming home and when you are in range, you can click on the Smartphone, and the door lock will open automatically and when same when you are going away.
  • Wi-Fi: this is the most accurate lock for your door. Wi-Fi locks will directly connect you with the internet, but they are not the same as Bluetooth because they will drain your batteries faster.

You Can Physically Access Your Automatic Security With These:

Fingerprint lock: when you want to physically access the lock on your door. This lock can be beneficial. You have to put your finger o the keypad, and when it recognises the fingerprint, it will unlock the door. And when someone other than you uses this keypad, it will send you a notification that your lock is used by someone.

PIN lock: this lock requires a PIN code to unlock the door, and it will give you only three chances to unlock your door. If you didn’t enter on the third try, then it will alert the police about that. To avoid attacks on your keypad remotely, keep changing the pin frequently. Keep in mind to do not keep the PIN accessible as your birth date or something.

Does Automatic Security  Can Prevent An Intruder From Entering Your Home?

Smart locks are designed to prevent an intruder and alert you whenever there is someone at your door who is trying to access it. Automatic security will alert the police that there is an intruder at your door. Automatic security can lock the door with extra bolts when someone tries to forcefully enter your home. These smart locks can also sound like a buzzer so that intruders will be scared and run away.

Can Automatic Security Be Hacked Remotely?

The answer is yes; Automatic security is attackable and can be hacked remotely. You have to change your pin from time to time to avoid the attack. Also, keep upgrading your application from time to time for an attack. Also, choose the option that you will be notified of when your security is under attack.


Automatic security to remotely access your doors is simply a smart solution for careless people and, most of the time, leave their doors without any security. Smart doorbells are the way to unlock your door remotely. Smart locks can provide extra security to the front or back of your home, which can lock and unlock your door anytime and can be accessed by you anywhere. You can access your door remotely by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which is really helpful. You can have a fingerprint lock and PIN lock for physically accessing the door. Automatic security can help you in preventing an intruder attack. Keep in mind that it is vulnerable to hacking.

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