Written By : Nikki Kumari

The best human being’s every creation is Artificial Intelligence which has made our life automated. But is AI only for industries and factories? There was a time when only manufacturing industries used artificial intelligence (AI). Guess what? AI is now available for personal usage as well.

The best example that has become very popular is Amazon Alexa, which you might know as Alexa. What is the Alexa? Alexa is a personal virtual assistant for you who can interact and do things for you. If you don’t have one or one of you already, then get into the below article, which will let you know about the coolest things you can do with Alexa.

1.Let’s You Check Weather and Traffic

There happen many times when you leave your home but end up feeling frustrated in the traffic. Thanks to Alexa, which will inform you earlier about traffic and weather, to plan your day accordingly. Just ask Alexa about the status of traffic and weather; that’s it. The days are gone when you have to wait for a long in the traffic and get stuck on the main road due to bad traffic.

2.Let’s You Control Your Lights

You just have come from your office in the evening, but there is no patience left in you to get up switch on the lights. You don’t have to get up, though. Just ask Alexa to switch on the lights for you, and it will just do it in seconds.

3.Let’s You Play Your Favourite Music

It’s raining outside, and the weather is so cosy that you are in your blanket. But something is missing out there. Your favourite music that’s going to boost your mood and would make you enjoy the rain inside. No wonder Alexa is there; you don’t even have to get up to play your favourite song.

4.Let’s You Enhance Your Home Safety

Today, we are all concerned about our home safety as even thieves have become smart with robbery skills. But you know what? You are smart enough to deal with Alexa. Even when far away from your home, you can still ask Alexa to lock your doors and turn the security system on.

5. Let’s You Get News of the Day

You already get up with having a busy schedule that you cannot even spare a single second here and there. Meanwhile, you are also a person who cannot go ahead with your day without knowing the day’s news. Well, want to manage both? You may continue working as Alexa reads you the news of the day aloud.

6. Alexa Will Plan a Trip for You

You always plan a trip, but then you end forgetting something, and again you have to start up from the first. Stopover there; why are you even doing hardworking, when Alexa can do your part of work with its Kayak Skill.

7. Let’s You Buy Anything You Want

Alexa, buy me something. You may ask Alexa to buy anything you want for yourself this way, and it will place your order on Amazon.

8. Let’s You Order Your Food

Alexa is not alone; it has partnered with many companies such as Swiggy, Dominos, and Zomato. Thus, now you will be able to reorder your order, track it, and order new food.

9. Let’s You Control Your Smart Devices

Once you connect your smart devices to Alexa, you can access all the information and control them. Without having a remote on your hand, you can change the channel with the help of Alexa. You can also get access to your car to let you know earlier when will the fuel be finishing.

10. Let’s You Control Your Thermostat

While you are coming back from your long vacation, you start worrying that you have to go and set the right temperature for you, which will take hours. Well, you are tired, it’s ok Alexa is there for you. Just inform her that you are on your way so that she can set the right temperature before you arrive.

11. Let’s You Set a Reminder

As we all are human beings, it’s obvious that we cannot remember all the different events happening. Then who is going to do it for us? Of course, Alexa. Just ask her to set a reminder whenever you want to.

12. Let’s You Manage Your Calendar

Through your voice command, Alexa can edit the calendar and lets you know your other important events. Meanwhile, you can also check your daily routine with to-do apps.

13. Let’s You Find Local Hotspots

Confused about where you should plan for the dinner near you? Then don’t worry; Alexa will do it easy for you with the review it has already.

14. Let’s You Keep in Track with Your Phone

Did you keep your phone somewhere and can’t remember where exactly it is? Well, you don’t need to worry, as Alexa will track your phone using TrackR and will let you know where exactly your phone is.

15. Get Connected with Amazon Prime

You might be paying for the shows and the music you are playing, and somewhere you might be feeling that it’s not worth it. Get on with Amazon Prime so that you can get to stream music, shows and fast shipping at a very reasonable price.

16. Helps You Find Recipes

When you search for a food recipe, you will be presented with thousands of options, making it difficult to choose the best one. Thanks to Alexa, it will connect you to channels like Food Network and My Chef to get the best step-by-step recipe.

17. Let’s You Get Fit

You always see yourself ending your workout because you don’t have a personal trainer to guide you. Hey, you forgot? You have Alexa, your virtual assistant, ask her to play a workout session, and it will guide you throughout.

18. Let’s You Connect to Your GE Appliances

Ask your Alexa to get connected to your GE appliances. The next time, you can ask her to preheat the oven or check the groceries in your refrigerator and many more.

19. Let’s You Update Your Shopping List

While you go buying your groceries, you always end up forgetting to buy something. Well, not anymore you can always get to update your shopping list through Alexa by voice commanding. Now you will never forget a single item that you want to buy.

20. Let’s You Order a Ride

Connect your Alexa to the applications like Uber or Ola. The next time, whenever you want to go out, you can book a ride for yourself.

Well, as you could see that there are plenty of benefits of Alexa that could do wonders with its coolest features. So, if you already own one, try it out these coolest featured today and don’t be crushed with these benefits of Alexa.

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