Written By : Nikki Kumari

IoT is a concept of connecting IoT physical devices or things to software, sensors and many other technologies to exchange information and process accordingly using the Internet. It was first developed by Kevin Ashton, in 1999 but it came into recognition almost after a decade.

IoT is very important in smart home automation as all the devices are connected through that concept itself. It makes you understand the complex technological world more simply, making your lifestyle very easy.

What Is IoT Smart Home Technology?

Using the Internet of Things concept, new technology has been evolved in recent years, i.e., smart home technology. Smart home technology is nothing but getting connected to all your appliances through your smartphone using the Internet. That would have been possible only because of the Internet of Things.

IoT home automation lets you get access to all your home automation products. It can be lightings, thermostats, beds, blinds and many as such. These technologies have made life pretty much easier and comfortable, though. Perhaps, with these uses, you will be learning about the role of IoT in smart home automation products in the below article.

Uses of Smart Home Automation Products

Internet of Things has done many wonders using IoT devices and have been proved as a helping hand for many smart home automation users. Let’s get to know some of its applications:


Well, the bathroom is the only place to get the best relaxation experience in a whole day. You all might always dream of having a bathroom that you can control. But you know what, now it can be possible. How? Imagine that you get up in the morning, and you are already late for your office. How can you waste your time further? Well, then don’t, when you have smart home technology. Yes! You enjoy your bath, and your bathroom will do the rest.

Your whole bathroom is in your control now, and your voice command is the way to control it. Just ask your virtual assistants to hear up water for you before entering the bathroom, not wasting your time waiting for the water to get heated. It also results in saving gallons of water. As usual, IoT does wonders here too.


Meanwhile, how can IoT developers miss amazing us here? Not at all! Smart lightings can switch on or off the light by learning your behaviour. So you sit, release and enjoy your night as the smart lighting will control the rest.

It can switch on or off the light whenever you move across to make it easy for you and save you from further accidents. It also aware you if someone enters your house by switching on the lights automatically. Meanwhile, if you are enjoying rain but see something is mission out there! Lighting? Yeah, no worries, you can still dim lightings accordingly to enjoy chilled weather.


Are you the person who always have to travel for your business tours? Then what about your garden? There are sensors installed in the devices that recognise when to pour water into the soil and cut the grass. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen on time, yet you can still control it through your phone.

So now it’s not necessary to be at home to take care of your plants; IoT developers are much intelligent that they have provided you with such devices that allow you to control your garden from wherever you are.

4.Temperature Control

How does it feel when you just come back from your office and have to spend hours setting the temperature in your house, right? Pisses you off, Right? Not anymore. IoT developers have come up with an IoT device known as a thermostat. The thermostat can set the right temperature for you automatically before you enter the house and save energy when no one is around.

So now, before you leave your office, inform your IoT devices that you are getting back. They will track your location and manage to set the temperature before you arrive. So now, instead of coming back and wasting hours setting up the temperature, sit back and relax.

5.Security Devices

There are times when you forget to lock your door and stay in your bedroom doing something. When someone arrives at your gate, you cannot go, run and lock the door. When you have a smartphone, leave rest upon it, it will look after everything. Yes, that means you have to tap on your smartphone, and the door will be locked automatically. This doesn’t only happen with the main door but with the rest of the doors too. It will also show you the live track of your home about which door has been opened and which is not.

Meanwhile, are you getting worried that you cannot leave your home alone and go on vacation? It would help if you didn’t go anymore. As the IoT devices are so smart, the CCTV camera will notify you if it captures an unfamiliar face. If something unfamiliar happens then, it captures everything from each angle. This is to prevent you from missing any clue about that person. So now you can have a look at your house even if you are not over there.

Future of IoT Smart Home Technology

You might be thinking that IoT developers have done everything today, so what is left for the future? But let me inform you that IoT has limitless potential, which could help technology develop new every day. So if we could move further with home automation, what’s next? Then there are going to be Artificial Intelligence in our house which is going to be integrated. To do this, you will be able to communicate with it, and it will do all your chores in just a minute and won’t leave a chance to entertain you. So what else do you need? You will have someone who will be doing everything for you on just a single voice command.

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