Written By : Nikki Kumari

As known, IoT has numerous applications since introduced to the world. As IoT has been covered with applications in many different sectors, it is now evolving with many applications in smart home automation. How is it even done? Well, you will be getting to know everything in the below article.

What Is IoT?

IoT, i.e., the Internet of Things, is the physical devices or things connected to software, sensors, or any technological terms. Since Kevin Ashton coined the word in 1999, it took around a decade to get recognition worldwide.

The term accelerated after around ten years, i.e., 2010 and 2011 and started gaining a mass audience in 2014. IoT was used only in manufacturing and industrial sectors in the initial days of inventory, which reduced human power and increased speed. Nevertheless, IoT didn’t stop there; it has also evolved with great applications in smart home technology.

As we all know that when the concept is introduced into the market, it doesn’t receive popularity. There should be a reason why it should be considered in the market. In the same way, IoT took years to get recognized, but it became so popular in the market. It is because the IoT technology manufactures low-cost sensors, which are effective too. Meanwhile, the machine can learn the behaviour quickly and store a large amount of data in the cloud to process it according to your needs. Using IoT it has made easy to connect the devices to sensors and transfer data.

Then why not IoT? Of course, you should go for it. Regardless of numerous applications in the Retail, public, manufacturing and health care sectors, IoT has now starred to serve smart home automation, too; what is smart home automation, by the way? Have a look at it:

What is Smart Home Automation?

Today we all are busy with our work and what we need is enough time to relax. You get tired and reach home. You are not left with any energy to make coffee for you or set lightings and temperature. Then whom can you rely on?

Well, you are supposed to rely on someone when you have smart home automation. You live in the 21st century, no doubt you are smart, but the technology around you is way smarter. That’s what smart home automation does to you. Smart home automation is the technology of connecting devices to the sensors to perform the tasks automatically. For example, when you arrive from your office, you don’t have to waste your time setting the right temperature; instead, that will be done by smart thermostats for you.

Thanks to IoT developers for developing such unique technologies for us, and we will surely be expecting, even more wonders to happen.

Impact of Smart Home Automation Using IoT in Our Lives

Let’s look at when IoT was just introduced; there was no scope for smart home automation or artificial intelligence. If these things would have discussed earlier, then people would have just taken it for granted. But now these things have become common as we live around technology everywhere around, starting from TV to CCTV Cameras. We have changed our lifestyle completely; let’s move onto the facts; how?

  • According to research, it has been expected that smart home automation would reach 105.28 US Dollars by 2023. This could also turn into a fact by seeing the present statistics of increasing smart lighting products everywhere.
  • IoT developers should feel proud for introducing security systems, as 63% of respondents said that security devices motivate them to buy smart home automation devices. Today, we all are worried about our safety issues, and at the moment, if we get a strong security device, we will go for it.
  • According to the source, when asked which top 3 smart devices people would buy. For which 40% of people responded that they would go for network cameras, 26% would go for the doorbell, and 19% would go for smart lighting.

Benefits Of Smart Home Automation Using IoT

As we are becoming smart nowadays, even the technology is. When it comes to IoT, we cannot deny that it has done wonders in various sectors, then how could it leave smart home automation? Let’s get to know what are the benefits of having smart home automation using IoT:

  • Helps In Saving Bills

Different organizations have conducted many awareness programs to save energy; if it’s not done right, nothing will be left for our near future. Thanks to smart home automation using IoT, which has now made it easy to save energy.

These are smart home automation devices that can learn your habits and perform tasks only when anyone is around. Meanwhile, if you have forgotten to switch off your lights or any taps, don’t worry; you have a smartphone in your hand, you can switch it off from wherever you are. That’s simple it is.

  • Strong Security

We all are concerned about our safety today. Thus, looking onto it is majorly required because we all have no idea where or how we can be hacked. To avoid it, you can use a smart security device using IoT, making it easy to get a safer and strong security system around you.

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