Written By :Atul Nawani

When upgrading your home’s traditional switches with smart touch switches, the choice is obvious; smart touch switches let you control your appliances like fan, light and other things quickly. People think switching to smart touch switches will be a hassle, and there will be extra wiring, but we are here to tell you that it does not require any extra effort or extra wiring. Switching be done with your existing wiring, and thanks to the new technological advancement, these smart touch switches are very affordable. There are large varieties of these switches available in the market.

Let us discuss more the smart touch switches.

How To Control Smart Touch Switches?

These intelligent touch switches can be connected to your Smartphone by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and in some switches, they can be controlled by the application. You can also connect it with the Alexa voice assistant. These intelligent touch switches can be controlled when you are away from home. These switches can be turn on and off from anywhere around the world, but you have to be online for it. These switches can be controlled by anyone who is not tech-savvy. And of course, these smart touch switches provide the option of physically accessing them like any other switch.

How To Install Smart Touch Switches?

It is effortless to install smart touch switches, but call the electricity guy or maintenance man for this if you hesitate. But if you are sure about your skills, then you can do it by yourself. Take a screwdriver and open the screws of the switch that you need to change, and take it out of the wall. Then you will see some yellow and red wire hanging out of it, and then slowly sever the wires from the switch without touching the wires. Wear gloves when you are changing them. After that, take the smart switch and exactly attach the yellow and red wire attached to the other switch in the same way to the smart switch and keep in mind do not let the two wires touch with each other it can give you a shock. After attaching the wires to the smart switch, then tighten the screws with the screwdriver. Your smart switch is now ready to use. Now try to connect your switch to your phone and start turning on and off your fan or other devices. If you have some problem, then go through the wiring again and also then if you cannot figure out the problem, then call the support.

Features Of The Smart Touch Switches In Your Home:

  • You can remotely control these switches from anywhere around the world. They are also beneficial in energy saving. They are affordable switches.
  • You can access them with your mobile phone.
  • These switches can give your home a stylish and elegant look. They are also shockproof and can provide security for your children. It can also manage the speed of your fan, and it can switch off the light when there is daylight. It is designed to reduce the electricity load. Anyone can access this switch even when they are not familiar with this technology. Smart switches are durable, and they have feather touch buttons. These smart touch switches can add more comfort to your life.

How Safe Are Smart Touch Switches?

Everybody is concerned about how safe are these smart touch switches? Companies guarantee that these smart touch switches are shockproof, so you can use them with wet hands. They can control any electrical load so that these switches can prevent any short circuit. Companies are guaranteeing 1 lakh touches which are way better than traditional switches. According to some reports, consumers are more interested in these smart touch switches than traditional switches.

Smart Touch Switches v/s Traditional Switches.

Smart touch switches are better than traditional switches because they are a technological advancement. Smart touch switches can be controlled remotely from anywhere around the world. But  Inside the room, traditional switches can only be accessed physically. Traditional switches cannot control the speed of the fan, but smart touch switches can control that. Traditional switches are not shockproof, but smart touch switches are shockproof. Smart touch switches can also prevent any short circuits and give your home an elegant and stylish look. Smartphones can control Smart touch switches.


You can replace your home switches with smart touch switches without any thought. They are affordable and very convenient to use. You can control your smart touch switches with Smartphone. It is effortless to install smart touch switches. There are many features in smart touch switches like they are shockproof, they can prevent any short circuit, companies are guaranteeing 1 lakh touches. They are also giving ten years warranty on it. Smart touch switches are way better than traditional switches. They also make your life comfortable and hassle-free.


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