Written By : Atul Nawani

An air conditioner is now an essential need like food, shelter and water. With global warming on the rise, many countries are facing the problem of temperature rise. Summers are getting warmer every year. Canada faced 50° Celsius temperature the past month; it was a record high temperature in the history of that country. We all know how hot and humid is summer of India is. The maximum temperature was recorded at 52° Celsius in Rajasthan. In these conditions, an air conditioner is the only thing that can relax you at your home or office or anywhere else. Air conditioners are everywhere in homes, offices, indoor stadiums, metros, and even in the gym. An air conditioner will create a cold environment around you in summer so that you can forget about the heat outside. Now everybody needs a smart home. A smart home is made of smart appliances like smart Air conditioners, smart doorbells, smart television and a smart kitchen. An innovative air conditioner is very much in demand and is very affordable. But if you need more functions, then there are some expensive air conditioners too. This smart gadget will make your life comfortable and convenient.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Conditioner?

There are many benefits of the air conditioner. As I mentioned above about the rising temperature, an air conditioner will create a cold environment around you, reducing heat stroke. The main problem in the summers is the risk of dehydration; an air conditioner will also reduce the chance of dehydration. This conditioner will also increase your work performance. When the temperature outside is above 45° Celsius, then it is considered a hot day. It can result in overheating of our gadgets. The air conditioner can prevent all our gadgets from overheating. At night with an air conditioner, you can sleep very calmly. Air nowadays is very impure, smoke and other harmful gases are now mixed with air, which is harmful to our respiratory system. The air conditioner purifies the air from any harmful gases and reduces the chance of an asthma attack. It also reduces the insect problem. An air conditioner can help you to remove all the harmful fumes and foul odours from your home. There are many germs and bacteria around which we are inhaling through the air, but an air conditioner can remove all the germs and bacteria around us and give us clean air to breathe.

Different Types Of Air Conditioner

1.Window Air Conditioner

This is the most common and very efficient air conditioner. You have to install this air conditioner in a window, and sometimes you have to make a window for this air conditioner. Window air conditioners are very affordable, and they can save a lot of energy. There are several options to choices from in window AC. But their cooling can be limited to one or two-room. That is why people use multiple window air conditioners for their homes. It can be not quite at night because a window air conditioner is present in the room. But if you are using it to cool one or two rooms and combine it with a fan to distribute the cool air, it can cool down your home. In winters, you have to remove them so that they don’t freeze from the cold temperature. They are also coming with an in-built Wi-Fi option so that you can control it from your Smartphone by connecting through the Wi-Fi.

2.Split Air Conditioner 

Split air conditioner can be used in a room where there are no windows. The split air conditioner has two components; one component is installed outside the wall, which is connected to the other component inside the wall with refrigerant tubing,

The external component is an air generator that generates cool air and then sends it through the refrigerant tube to the other component inside the wall. Then the other component, which is inside the wall, distributes all the air throughout the room. You can also connect with Wi-Fi to control the temperature of the air conditioner by your Smartphone. A split air conditioner can be expensive to install.

3.Central Air Conditioner

this is the most expensive and most efficient air conditioner. Central air conditioning is used to cool all your rooms. This air conditioning also has two components: primary and secondary components. Both are placed outside, the first component responsible for generating cool air and the second component that pushes the air throughout your home. The condensing unit is connected with refrigerant tubes to the evaporative unit. Then the secondary component passes the air throughout the house using a furnace duct system. Central air conditioning is maintenance-free.

It does not make any sound. But this air conditioning can be costly.

This air conditioning is luxurious.

Disadvantages Of Air Conditioning

There are some disadvantages of air conditioning too. It can make your skin and eyes dry. You can feel lazy around the air conditioner. According to some reports, air conditioners can be a cause of your breathing problem. If you spend a lot of time in the presence of air conditioners, it can diminish outside heat tolerance for you. Few air conditioners generate some harmful gases. Maintenance is the most significant disadvantage of air conditioning. You have to clean their filters regularly to avoid any harmful air passing through. If you have any chronic illness, air conditioners can increase the effect of illness. If you use your air conditioner for an extended period, it will consume tons of electricity, increasing your electricity bill. You have to keep in mind that you cannot install an air conditioner anywhere. It can be a security risk.

How You Can Connect Your Air Conditioner With        Wi-Fi?

With technological advancement, all the air mentioned above conditioners come with inbuilt Wi-Fi and other smart features. With these features, you can connect your air conditioner with your Smartphone and control it from anywhere. Let’s discuss the steps that you need to follow to connect your air conditioner to Wi-Fi.

Step 1- you have to turn on the air conditioner and then turn on the Wi-Fi option on the AC.

 Step 2– check if the Wi-Fi light starts to blink on the AC.

Step 3– turn on the Wi-Fi on your Smartphone, check the list of Wi-Fi’s around you, and then connect to the Ac’s Wi-Fi.

Step 4– perform the necessary security options and then check if both the devices are connected.

Steps 5– when both the devices are connected, open the application form where you can control all your air conditioner options.


Air conditioners are now a necessity for us. With rising temperature every day we need to stay cool at our home. Air conditioners provide comfort and can create a stress-free environment around us. With the technological advancements, there are smart AC’s which you can connect with Wi-Fi and connect to your Smartphone. You can manage your air conditioner with your Smartphone from anywhere. All the types mentioned above of air conditioners can be controlled by connecting to Wi-Fi, and it is effortless to control them.

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