Written By: Atul Nawan

What Are Laser Sensors?

Laser sensors are the device which can measure the distance without any physical contact. This sensor is a measurement value recorder that works with laser technology, covering the measured physical value to an electrical signal. Laser sensors are designed around the principle of triangulation. In the Triangulation principle, the distance of the object is measured by angle calculation. In this, a sensor will project a laser spot onto the measurement object. Then the reflected light falls incident onto a receiving element at a certain angle depending on the distance. These laser sensors have high measurement accuracy. Many engineers use these lasers to measure distance for many purposes. These are ideal for automation, product control and test bench.

How Do Lasers Measure The Distance?

  1. Laser sensor measure the distance by the formula of D=ct/2, where c equals the speed of light and t equals the amount of time for the round trip between meter and target. The lasers are used because they are very accurate in measuring distance. There are different lasers used when we have to measure large distances, and there are different lasers to measure small distances.
  2. Triangulation– is a geometric method that is very useful for measuring distances between 1mm to many kilometres. The majority of lasers are designed using this principle for measuring distances.
  3. Pulse measurements- are based on measuring the time of a laser pulse from the measuring device to target and back again. That is why this is also known as a time of flight measurement. This method is used in different kinds of laser sensors. Typical accuracies of simple devices for a short distance are a few millimetres or centimetres.

Different Types Of Lasers.

There are different types of Lasers sensors used in different situations. Some lasers are ready-made and are available in the market. Some lasers are designed for specific purposes.

1.Laser Distance Meter PD

    • Laser sensors are simple, vigorous and they have a single button laser range for quick and accurate distance measurement up to 200 meters. This tool is the best laser tool for measuring the distance from 0.35 to 200 meters rapidly and accurately. These lasers are water-resistant, and they are also dust-proof. If you want to measure the height from the floors to the ceiling, this laser can do it very accurately with only one man. With this laser, you don’t have to perform the physical measuring. The maximum distance they can measure accurately is up to 1 -2 kilometres. These lasers have a built-in optical viewfinder for outdoor measurements. These lasers also come with a 360° tilt sensor for various application possibilities.

 2.Rotating Lasers

    • These lasers are also potent, and they are straightforward to use. They help in all like aligning, levelling and squaring and slope application on your job. These rotating lasers are built to last for an extended period. These lasers are designed to maintain laser accuracy in rough Jobsite conditions. These lasers come with head-mounted bumpers; they have shock-absorbing handles. They are built with a lithium-ion battery, cordless power care for long-lasting power, and can be charged in 40 minutes. These lasers have an auto-alignment system with rapid laser alignment up to 200 meters. Rotating lasers can measure distance with one button, and one function makes this laser very easy and efficient to use. They are unaffected by the sunrays and other light sources because they have pulse power technology. They have a digital measurement system so that the user can know the precise measurement. This tool comes with a single manual slope mode of up to 60%.

3.Long-distance Measuring Laser

  • These laser sensors are explicitly designed to measure long distances like measuring a road or measuring the distance of a bridge from point A to point B. these lasers are also used in making railway tracks for long distances. Laser beams are perfectly parallel. They are very narrow, and also they can travel long distances without any disturbance. Due to this feature, only lasers are used to measure long distances.

Benefits Of Using Laser Sensors For Measuring Distances.

There are many benefits in using Laser sensors to measure distances because if you use the traditional way of measuring, you will need an extra workforce. Then the cost of your project will increase. But if you use a laser sensor, it can be just a one-person job, and this will also reduce the budget on the workforce. Then, you can use this saving on another aspect of your project. The traditional method of measuring can produce an error of some kind, but when you are building bridges, roads or dams, you need accurate distance from point A to point B. lasers sensors are very accurate. Lasers sensors can be used in measuring long distances and short distances also. You can use laser sensors to measure the height from floor to ceiling and then decide where to install a fire alarm system. These lasers are very tough, and they are built to last for a very long period. They are shockproof and can also handle rough terrain. They do not get disturbed by sunrays and will produce an accurate result. These lasers can also measure any trench and hole depth. These lasers can also measure underground wiring from any obstacle and landmark. You have to use specific laser sensors for specific distances.


Technology is advancing every day and making some profound changes in our lives. Laser sensors are one of them. With laser sensors, those days are gone when you need a team of people to measure a distance. With them, it is just a one-person job that produces accurate results. Laser sensors use the triangulation method to measure distance. These lasers are used for aligning and levelling. Laser sensors can also determine the specifications of your home so that you can renovate your home according to these accurate measurements. It can also determine the length where you can install an HVAC system in your home.

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