Written By: Atul Nawani

Now a day’s smart lighting setup is in demand because these lightings are affordable and environmentally friendly. Most of all, this lighting will reduce the cost of your electricity bill. Consumers are installing these smart lighting because they can be controlled from anywhere with a tap on your Smartphone.

You can add smart bulbs and other products to your ceiling, but what good it will be if you do not have a smart light switch. Your smart lighting cannot be compatible with a traditional switch. Touch panel light switches or dimmers are very convenient to use, and you can connect these switches to your phone by an application or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can control these switches from anywhere around the world.

Let us discuss further the functions and compatibility of touch panel light switches or dimmers.

Types Of Switches And Dimmers

There are different types of switches and dimmers you can install in your smart home.

 1.Bluetooth Dimmers

Bluetooth can connect this type of dimmer to an application on your Smartphone, and then you can control your lighting by a tap on your Smartphone. The range of the Bluetooth will be 30 feet, so you cannot control your switch when you are away from your home. This is the only downside of this type of dimmer.

2.Wi-Fi Dimmers-

this type of dimmer connects with the Wi-Fi. It does not need a hub or a bridge to connect to your router. When installed, they can be controlled by simply connecting to Wi-Fi, and you can control it by your Smartphone.

3.Z-wave Touch Switches

Z-wave is a mesh network that uses low energy radio waves to communicate from appliance to appliance. Its international standard radio frequency range is 800-900 MHz, you cannot connect this type of switch directly to eh Wi-Fi network, and you need a smart port or a bridge to connect it to the Wi-Fi network.

How Compatible Are These Touch Panel Light Switches Or Dimmers? 

As I mentioned above, you can install all the smart bulbs or lighting on your ceiling. But it will be no good without smart touch panel light switches. It is very compatible with your smart lighting, and it will give your walls a very gracious and classy look. These touch panel light switches are shockproof, so it is very safe for your children to touch them. They have a feather touch, which will be very easy to use. Companies are now guaranteeing 1 lakh + touches. They can turn on and off your light by movement around them. If there is no one in the room, then they can turn off the light automatically. They have motion sensors inbuilt in them so they can detect these movements. They can save energy which will reduce the cost of your electricity bill. These smart touch panel switches can be voice-controlled by ALEXA or any other voice assistant, making them very handy. That is why these switches are very convenient and compatible.

Different Designs And Costs Of These Touch Panel Switches Or Dimmers.

Many different companies like Havells, Philips, and many others offering many different switches with many functions that are compatible with your home. These switches are coming in different layouts every day. Some companies are going for the basic rectangular layout like the traditional switches; some consider different layouts like a circle, a slim shape etc.; in some switches, there is a colour indication of how much you want to dim the light. There are features of dimming the light according to your mood, which is perfect for your smart home. These dimmers are also coming in different like black, grey, blue, red and white etc.; you can choose according to your interior design. These switches are very affordable now, and there are varieties of companies that you can choose from, but if there are more functions in your switch, then the cost will go up. More the functions, more the cost.

How Safe Are These Touch Panel Switches Or Dimmers?

These touch panel light switches are very safe than traditional switches. These touch panel switches can control the overflow of electricity without a short circuit. You can touch these switches with wet hands because they are shockproof. These switches are also coming with neutral wiring, which is essential. Neutral wiring can prevent a lot of tragedy from happening. In the situation of a fire, these wires will not burn or overload the switch. These switches can also take care of them in the fire. These switches are also safe for your children because they are the ones who put their hands inside the switches. Your Smartphones can control these switches; consumers always have a query in their mind that can a hacker control their switch remotely. Unfortunately, yes, this can happen, but you have to be vigilant; if you upgrade your phone and application regularly, then the chances for a hack are meagre. But in the event of a hack, directly shut down the main power so that the hacker cannot control the other devices inside your home.


These touch panel switches or dimmers are convenient and compatible. These switches can take care of your house appliances like lighting, fan and other things very efficiently. These dimmers can dim your light according to your mood. If you want your light to dim 20%, there is an option for that, but you don’t have that option in traditional switches. Traditional switches cannot take an electricity overload, but these switches can. In an emergency, these switches can also alert you to change or replace them. Consumers are installing these touch panel switches in their homes for more safety.

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