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Planning To Install A Curtain Rod?

Every home is beautiful. It will not matter whether your home is small or large. People decorate home with curtains, shades and with many different ways. Curtains are an essential part of interiors. Nowadays there are many varieties and colours that are available in curtains. Curtains complete the look of the room and keep your room fresh and enlighten. According to interior designers, curtains are in massive trend for decorating homes. These curtains are not just a fabric but a life to any room. If there are no curtains in a home, then home will look incomplete. Curtains are easy to install and can be installed without any experts. Let’s dive in to know more about the installation of curtain rods.

How to Install Curtain Rods and style it ?

  1. 1.Assemble Your Tools And Materials

To install a curtain in your space, first, you need to assemble the tools and materials that are required:

  • Curtains
  • Curtain rods
  • Ladders
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Drilling Machine
  • Safety glasses
  • Wall anchors

2.Take Dimensions To Install The Curtain

To install a curtain rod, it is essential that you first measure the dimensions. To decide the length of the rod, do measure the width of your window and measure around eight to twelve inches. Every curtain panel should remain at least wide as your window. Do measure from one spot to another where your window curtains will be installed. If you want the drapes to pool, then add more length.

3.Install Brackets For The Curtain

Another step in installing a curtain is to mark the holes for your brackets. Once you mark the holes accurately, and then drill these holes for your brackets. Every bracket should be placed at an equal height and about four to six inches from the side of a window frame. This enables you to open the curtains entirely. Do make sure that the holes you do are at an equal level. Otherwise, it will be mismatched

4.Installation Of A Curtain Rod 

If you are just opening the box of curtains then the foremost step that you should carry out is to wash the curtains. Do check the quality and colour of your Curtain. After that, iron your Curtain correctly so that the pleats can be set. If you do not iron your Curtain correctly, then your Curtain will look damp. So don’t forget to follow this crucial step. Once your curtains are set to install, try to find the brackets supporting your Curtain. You should place the rod into the bracket before replacing the finial. Once everything is done accurately, then installs the curtains and enlighten your space.

5.Order For Curtain Fabric Samples.

The foremost aim while choosing the curtains should be to order fabric samples for your curtains. Through which you can select the kind of Curtain you want for your spaces. It helps in resolving the confusion of selecting the design and colour of your Curtain.

6.Enlighten Your Space With The Curtains In A Stylish Way.

If your home is not so big, then do not worry. Because curtains are here to rescue you!

Try hanging curtains that match your wall colour and install these curtains closer to the ceilings. To create an illusion of ceiling height. This will make your space widen.

7.Search For A Minimal Pattern 

Trends will come and go. But for the curtains, many trends will keep evolving with time. Nowadays, the latest trends in booming curtains are the classic designs that match the texture of your falls and floors. Many interior designers believe that while taking a decision on choosing curtains for the spaces, consumers find it intimidating. One should always go for Curtain that is not fussy or has excellent designs in them. People should go with minimal yet light colours or the colours according to their spaces.

8.Go For Curtains That Graze The Floor.

Floors are a critical part of every home. If you choose curtains for your home, try to go for a curtain that doesn’t touch the floor. It will give a very awkward look and moreover anyone can fall or get tangled with the if the curtains exceed the length. If somehow you have chosen the lengthier Curtain, you can always ask your tailor to cut the extra length of your Curtain.

9.Select A Fabric That Compliments The Vibe Of The Space.

Ensure the fabric that you select for your Curtain should actually vibe your space. Try to choose light-weighted sheer fabrics like linen and cotton to provide you with more light and comfort that are great for the living room. If you live in colder regions, then heavier fabric curtains can also work.

10.Match Up Your Hardware With The Curtains

After choosing the fabric for your curtains, do make sure to pick up the curtain rod that looks magnificent with your curtains. There are many varieties of rods that can be found in the marketplace. But for the sheer fabric curtains, always try to choose a slimmer rod that significantly affects and doesn’t look heavier. For the heavier Curtain, you can opt for the broader curtain rod to match up with the look.


Curtains play an enormous role in the decoration of our home. They are easy to install in-home it’s just about picking up the suitable curtains according to space. Nowadays, it has become easier to choose as there are various designs that you can even find digitally or in the designs book. These curtains do not only enhance the beauty of your home but also protects your privacy.

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