smart home switches

Replace Home Switches With Smart Touch Switches.

Written By :Atul Nawani When upgrading your home’s traditional switches with smart touch switches, the choice is obvious; smart touch switches let you control your appliances like fan, light and other things quickly. People think switching to smart touch switches will be a hassle, and there will be extra wiring, but we are here to tell you that it does not require any extra effort or extra wiring. Switching be done with your existing wiring, and thanks to the new technological advancement, these smart touch switches are very affordable. There are large varieties of these switches available in the market. Let us discuss more the smart touch switches.…


 How To Connect Your Air Conditioner To Wi-Fi?

Written By : Atul Nawani An air conditioner is now an essential need like food, shelter and water. With global warming on the rise, many countries are facing the problem of temperature rise. Summers are getting warmer every year. Canada faced 50° Celsius temperature the past month; it was a record high temperature in the history of that country. We all know how hot and humid is summer of India is. The maximum temperature was recorded at 52° Celsius in Rajasthan. In these conditions, an air conditioner is the only thing that can relax you at your home or office or anywhere else. Air conditioners are everywhere in homes,…

smart plugs

Smart Plug Wi-Fi Remote Control With Alexa Smart Google Home

Written By :Shreya Gairola Imagine a world where appliances are managing your home when you are not around! Innovative technology is turning our world more efficient. With the various developments by intelligent technology, it has become easier for everyone to manage their homes quickly. At your comfort and under your instructions, these devices can make your life convenient. Many variations can be found in turning your home into a smarter one. Such devices are smart plugs, intelligent thermostats, bright lights, smart television and many more. These devices are expanding in various versions, and they do differ in shapes, size, colours, and functions. Every device has its way of…

laser sensor for home

How To Measure Distance With A Laser Sensor?

Written By: Atul Nawan What Are Laser Sensors? Laser sensors are the device which can measure the distance without any physical contact. This sensor is a measurement value recorder that works with laser technology, covering the measured physical value to an electrical signal. Laser sensors are designed around the principle of triangulation. In the Triangulation principle, the distance of the object is measured by angle calculation. In this, a sensor will project a laser spot onto the measurement object. Then the reflected light falls incident onto a receiving element at a certain angle depending on the distance. These laser sensors have high measurement accuracy. Many engineers use these…

smart home

How Smart Homes Are Changing The Interior Designing Industry?

Written By: Atul Nawani With the help of technological advancement, smart homes are evolving day by day, and they are changing the interior designing industry. The definition of interior designing has changed over the years. People are now more willing to take risks and experiment. Now they are ready to make their home into a smart home. Today’s consumer is browsing the Internet, researching and taking expert advice on making their home a smart home. Smart homes are making their lives convenient, and they are easy to handle. With smart gadgets, you can handle your home from anywhere around the world. You have to be online on the Internet.…

switches and dimmers

Compatible Touch Panel Light Switches Or Dimmers For Home

Written By: Atul Nawani Now a day’s smart lighting setup is in demand because these lightings are affordable and environmentally friendly. Most of all, this lighting will reduce the cost of your electricity bill. Consumers are installing these smart lighting because they can be controlled from anywhere with a tap on your Smartphone. You can add smart bulbs and other products to your ceiling, but what good it will be if you do not have a smart light switch. Your smart lighting cannot be compatible with a traditional switch. Touch panel light switches or dimmers are very convenient to use, and you can connect these switches to your phone…

Curtain Rod For Windows

How To Install Curtain Rods For Windows?

Written By :Shreya Gairola Planning To Install A Curtain Rod? Every home is beautiful. It will not matter whether your home is small or large. People decorate home with curtains, shades and with many different ways. Curtains are an essential part of interiors. Nowadays there are many varieties and colours that are available in curtains. Curtains complete the look of the room and keep your room fresh and enlighten. According to interior designers, curtains are in massive trend for decorating homes. These curtains are not just a fabric but a life to any room. If there are no curtains in a home, then home will look incomplete. Curtains…

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