Written By : Atul Nawani

An automatic door opener is very convenient and easily accessible to everyone. This type of door can work with your Smartphone, voice assistant and motion sensor. You can install these on your front and back door. You can install these in your Home too, your bathroom door or any other door. These doors are beneficial for everyone, but if you have a family person who is disabled in any kind, it is ideal for them. These Automatic doors are designed on the principle of Artificial intelligence. New technological advancement is making automatic doors readily available and very affordable for everyone.

Let’s discuss how these automatic doors work, how they are installed and what goes into making them.

How Can You Make Your Door Automatic?

To make your door automatic, you can attach different types of devices to it. You can attach a motion sensor to automatically detect any movement and open the door for you if anyone tries to access the door. But motion sensor door cannot work for your entry doors because it will open on any movement, which is not safe for our entry doors. You can also attach a keypad or a system to your door, which can be opened by voice. This keypad will recognize your voice then it will let you enter. These types of doors will be great for the entry points of your house. Automatic doors make sure that only you can access your home door, not anyone else. To make your door automatic, you can also attach a device to it which will connect to your Smartphone with an application and then by clicking on your phone; you can access your door. These voices and other doors are great for entry points of your home or office because these doors will give you extra protection from any intruder.

Automatic Doors Make Our Life convenient.

These Automatic doors make our life convenient every day. When you have an automatic door on your entry points, you can easily access your door without any hassle. Automation helps you access your door without any key or difficulty when carrying many things in your hand and opening the door. If you have automatic doors inside your home, it is also very convenient; we recommend motion sensor doors inside your home. Whenever it detects any movement around it, it will automatically open the door for you. This technique is beneficial for people who are disabled and cannot open the door by themselves. Automatic doors are also beneficial to careless people and always keep forgetting to close the door. Automation will close the door without any problem.

Types Of Automatic Door Openers For Different Doors.

We have discussed above that there are different door openers for different doors; let us categorize them.

We recommend these entry doors of your home or office.

1.Voice-controlled Doors

This type of automation will be great for your entry door because they do not have any keys. They are controlled with your voice. There is a specific phrase you have to say in some voice-controlled devices before the door can unlock. But on some devices, you have to pronounce your name to open the door. This automation can be expensive.

2.Smartphone Controlled Doors

This type of automation is very easily accessible. There will be a device that will connect your Smartphone with the door. It can connect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any application on your phone to the door. Then you can click one time, and the door will be opened.

3.Remote Slide Door

For your gate, you can use this automatic door. When you are pulling your car inside your entry gate, and you have a traditional gate, you have to get out of your vehicle and open the gate by yourself, and when you are opening your gate, anyone can steal your car at that time attack you. But if you have a remote slide door, then you can open your gate without any hassle. You have to click on your remote, and your gate will be opened by itself. You have to be in range to open your entry gate. You shouldd also use the sliding door in your garage.

Above doors can be used inside your home, but if you put these doors inside your home, it can be difficult for you because you have to constantly access the doors inside your home, which will be a barrier. Inside your home, you do not need a barrier for your doors.

These are the automatic doors we recommend inside your Home.

4.Motion Sensor Doors

Motion sensor doors are perfect for you inside your house. These doors will open themselves when they detect any movement any around them. This technique will be very convenient for you and the disabled person in your Home who cannot open the door by themselves. You have to install a motion sensor device on your door for this.

5.Time Controlled Doors

This automation will control your door according to the timing you have to set on that device. To make your door time-controlled, you have to attach a timing device that will track the number of times you opened that door and opened that door then according to it. This technique will open your door.

How Safe Is The Automatic Door Opener?

As I mentioned above, automatic doors are very safe. For your entry points, if you install the doors that we mentioned above, then a break in it will notify you and the police that there is a forceful entry. Inside the Home, it can protect you whenever it senses any disturbance. This type of automation is designed with artificial intelligence, and they are designed to keep you safe. This automation can also alert the intruder with a noisy sound, and some devices also have a message that can prevent any burglary


You can attach different types of automation devices to make your door an Automatic door. These doors make our lives convenient. These are the automation that will keep you safe. There are different types of automation like motion sensors, time control, remote sliding, voice control and Smartphone control. These are the options so you can automate your door with an automatic door opener.


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