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Nowadays, phones are used more than just for calling someone. Every day, technology is taking a giant leap forward into the future. Regular phones are advancing into smartphones. With the introduction of intelligent technology and smartphones, everything is becoming more accessible, from managing your home to securing your loved ones. Video door phones are one of the brilliant innovations that are also known as the intelligent intercom. These devices are in huge demand by consumers nowadays. This device will let you know who is outside your home, and it allows you to do two-way communications with your neighbours and visitors.

With this two-way communication device, you know who you are speaking to. This device can be easily used in the home as well as in-office too.

You may have also seen this device in various co-operates too. Companies are developing these video door phones in lots of varieties and colours. There are also developing this device in many intelligent features that can be functioned to manage your home while you are away. This device itself is your private security guard who secures you and your loved ones. Let’s find out more about the video door phone with wifi system and how does this device work.

How Video Door Phone With Wifi Connections Work?

Video door phones are prevalent these days as crime rates are increasing. So, more people are becoming aware of this device. It allows an individual to verify a visitor before letting them enter your home visually. The first generation of video door phones has limited features to use in. Nowadays, companies are developing these intercoms with intelligent features that let you manage visitors through your smartphone.

This device consists of exterior and interior elements such as an outdoor panel outside, an electronic lock that releases, and an indoor monitor. The exterior panel is mounted at the entrance or has a different element that controls them. Video door phones can be water-resistant, which works in all weather, whether heavy rainfall or chilled winter. A video door phone with wifi also includes push buttons to call the people around you. This device also works as the CCTV as there is a micro camera that enables you to see and verify the visitor. This device has a microphone installed too, which lets you have a conversation with the visitor. This video door phone with wifi only opens the door if you permit them.

Video Door Phones Have Two Possible Classifications:

1.Security Layers:

  • Level 1 Security: This is one of the most critical security stages. In this layer, the VDP system verifies the entry of a visitor to the community. These systems work at a community level.
  • Level 2 Security: This is the second most security layer known as lobby security. This security helps in acquiring access to your apartment or office.
  • Level 3 Security: This is the third most layer of security. In this layer, the visitor communicates with an outdoor camera in front of the house.

2.Technologies & Classification:

Standalone – A video door phone is a gadget used in huge apartments.

Types Of Technology Of Standalone VDP –

Analog VDP – It is an analogue display and camera.

  • Connected Digital VDP – This is a digital device with a digital camera with picture capture and video capturing capability when the bell is ringed.
  • Wireless Video Doorbell (VDB):  A wireless video doorbell is a camera unit linked to the internet and a router. It enables communication with the mobile that communicates with the visitor.
  • IP VDP Multi-Apartment System – A 3 tier security integration with building management systems such as intrusion, CCTV building security and many more.

Automatic Operation

When a visitor visits your home and presses the doorbell button, the built-in camera is switched on, and it gets connected through WI-FI to capture an image of a visitor. This picture comes in the monitor screen inside your home through which you can verify your visitor and ask them why they have visited and who they are. This monitor screen also gets disabled after some time. If you do not desire to have a conversation, you can ignore it after verifying the visitor. If you wish to have a conversation with your visitor, you can talk it through the device.

Additional Functions

Many features are still developing, such as extensions. Recently, many terminals are ready to accept extensions turning the monitor into a small automatic function control centre. Even there are many delicate features too.


Video door phones are an essential asset nowadays. Video door phones are a perfect security device that lets the users know who is visiting and secure their loved ones. This video door phone with wifi works on artificial intelligence and can easily be connected with a WI-FI. Video door phones are the most trending gadget that let the user know about their visitors.

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