Written by : Aishwarya Govalkar

Automatic gates or electric gates are getting more and more popular nowadays. Earlier, the gates were a symbol of the status quo, but today, it emphasizes home security. It acts for us as a human eye and keeps a check on children and pets at home. The reason can vary according to a person’s need to install these electric gates on their property. So before considering the installation of automatic gates, we must understand the pros and cons of it. The process starts from choosing the right automatic gate to its maintenance schedule. Below is a small guide to help you get a suitable automated driveway gate to function well for your property.

1) Why do you need automatic gates?

We must ask this question to ourselves so that we can choose the type of gate that suits our taste. Some may prefer a gate for aesthetic purposes and might want to install wooden or steel gates at the entrance. Some may want to install a gate for security and personal reasons, so they might prefer a more solid model that enables the passerby to see through the gate.

2) Budget

There are many options available in the market, and we need to select which one is best. We must come up with a specific budget to spend on our automated gates. Remember that investing in cheap electric gates and materials might lead us to future problems later. It involves more expensive components usage, and it has greater chances of wear and tear, thereby concerning us with high-cost maintenance. It is practical to set a budget and then venture into looking for various gates to install on our property. An expert opinion might guide us to choose the right gate within our budget.

3) How to use the automatic gates?

The user who lives on the property can operate the automatic gates with the help of a remote transmitter. With a touch of a button, they can easily open and close the gate when the need requires. They are primarily mobile gate controls and are portable in handbags or our pockets. A GSM access control system is another way to operate the automatic gates on your property. This system enables us to allow smartphone apps to control the automated gate operation. An excellent mobile signal is all you need to control the gate system from anywhere globally. There are fixed controllers in some locations. The controllers are outside the gates, which include call buttons or entry calls.

4) Space Factor

Electric gates need enough space to move through when they open and close. Swing gates and slide gates are the two main gate designs for automated gates. Sliding gates need more area in terms of length to slide, while swing gates open in an arc equal to the gate’s width. Other options can help us deal with the space factor in our property. One is bi-fold gates which are similar to swing gates but are cut in half (vertically). It means they require half the space of a typical swing gate and folds in the middle whenever they open. Another is the around-the-corner sliding gate. They are of multiple vertical sections that are hinged on both sides. It requires a particular curved track and allows it to open easily than a standard sliding gate. The space it needs is much less, and hence it overcomes installing gates in smaller areas.

5) Knowledge about Materials/Products

We use different materials such as metals, wood, plastic for gate construction. Wooden gates give a warmer look to our homes. It is a natural material and generally in a ‘close boarded arrangement, leaving no gaps in between. We assemble them in a gate design with the help of flat sections of wood that are nailed or bonded together. Iron and steel gates are colder than wooden gates. They are designed in intricate shapes, giving them a traditional or an exclusive appearance overall. People who prefer having an aesthetic look for their gates may consider ornate finishes to the gate. We should avoid PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) gates as they require high maintenance in the long run and gives off the not-so-expensive impression to others.

6) Location to install the gates

The location of the gate is crucial, depending on the property we own. In most residential sites, we notice that the gates are built at the end of the property. There is no problem in choosing the location because most house structures are similar. But in case if the property has a long driveway, we may have to set up a ‘telephone entry’ system near the gate openers.

7) Local Installers

Once we select the type of gate we want for our property, we can reach out to the local installers in our area. An experienced and certified technician should install the gates as security is at stake. Many companies who are into the gate system business provide us with guaranteed installers.

8) Potential Contractors

Try and compare the potential contractors from the list of many, and reach out to them based on your preferences. Ask questions on how long they have been operating in this business, their customer services, and check their previous installation work.

9) Maintenance

The installation contractor can guide us to set up a regular maintenance schedule for our gates. The maintenance can help us track whether the gate system is working in perfect condition. If it needs any repairing, go ahead and fix it with the help of a technician. Would you please not take it for granted and try to solve the problem at the earliest? The better we take care of its functioning systems, the fewer problems we have to deal with in the later years. We can reach out to companies who can provide us with professional staff for the repairing job.


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