Written by : Shreya Gairola

Want to turn your simple home into a smart home?

Home is not a place; it is an emotion to feel. Technology has changed the way we exist, with so many brands adapting to quick-witted technology. This intelligent technology has turned our simple life into smart ones. With so many features, these smart gadgets are not only enhancing the beauty of our homes but also securing them while we are away. Companies are developing intelligent devices in a way that provides beauty with security to your homes. Many brands such as Somfy are creating a buzz in the technology world. A brand that has spent the last 50 years helping and turning life more accessible for millions globally.

Somfy Smart home system

Somfy has integrated with various huge intelligent home brands to provide a seamless experience to the consumers. As the demand for smart homes is rising with each new day, Somfy offers you a wide variety of intelligent devices. They create innovative solutions, dependable and sustainable too, to improve life and well being. Their technology advances along with the technology in the smart home industry. The products of Somfy are created in Haute-Savoie by creators trained in the latest technologies.

Not only do they create French quality products, but also they perform regular testing and inspections too. Somfy is also proud to sponsor a web series that follows the developing progress of a next-generation smart home on the palm coast. Let’s dig deeper more about the Somfy intelligent home devices. Smart Somfy brand is well known for the motorized shades and other intelligent devices. These devices come with a variety of features that can transform your simple home into a smart home. Let’s find out more about the Somfy Smart Home system.

Windows blinds

Windows blinds are the sort of hard coverings that can turn out to help block up your light. You can regulate according to your requirements that how much light is essential. They can give your interiors a natural look as they are made up of metals, wood. They are effortless to install and reasonable. They proffer you much light control than the window shades. Another benefit of window blinds is their glory. Cost depends on the material you choose, yet usually speaking, flat blinds are possibly the most financial plan choices for window covers.

Motorized Window Treatments

Want to install window covering that can be connected with other smart home devices too? Already have blinds, shades or curtains in your home? So, why do you make the switch to motorized window treatments?

Somfy powered motorized window coverings connect with the intelligent home leaders!

The name knows the more innovative versions of curtains of motorized blinds and shades. These shades are wireless and can be opened and closed through the remote control, smartphone app or voice control. It makes perfect for the tall and hard to reach windows. If you have children or pets at home, these wireless motorized windows give you extra safety for the ones you love the most. Installing motorized window coverings also adds convenience to your busy life by automating the balance of natural and artificial light in your home. At any time from anywhere, you can control the opening and closing of these motorized window coverings. Allow the light in when you wake up, but you can also keep the glare away when you need to focus and even enhance energy efficiency in your home.

What devices can control my blinds?

Various choices are available to manage your blinds other than the typical handsets available with most motorized blinds. It is very much possible to turn any better gadget into a handset.

Mobile Phones

Somfy and Qmotion provide apps that can manage your blinds from your mobile phones. All you require is an appropriate hub.Somfy proffer TaHoma and Connexion and QMotion have QSync. With Somfy, you can also schedule your timers and scenes so that numerous operations can take place from one command. Somfy and QMotions apps are well-matched with Android and IOS devices.


Various applications are available for Android and IOS devices for tablets in a similar way for mobile phones.

Smart Speakers

what can use better speakers such as Amazon echo and echo plus for voice activation of your blinds through Alexa? Echo plus enables direct control of QMotions Zigbee blinds. With the inclusion of Somfy Tahoma, Alexa can talk to any Somfy powered blind.


Utilizing the online Tacoma internet service, it’s also likely to manage your Somfy powered blinds.

Voice control of Somfy powered blinds.

To manage blinds and awnings powered by Somfy motors, you may require a Somfy Tahoma hub. This Tahoma hub plugs into your existing web router and enables voice assistants given to Alexa to manage any Somfy RTS or io powered blind or awning. Even when you want to close your blinds, you can ask Alexa.

Somfy powered options

  • Several roller blind options from the battery to mains power
  • Duette and pleated blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Roman blinds

Handset, wall-mounted switches and timers

If you don’t like to use voice assistants to manage your switches, switches and handsets are available. If you have a substitute for operating your blinds, it is sometimes a great idea to have a handset in the kitchen cupboard, or you may want a wall switch placed next to your blind.


Smart devices have become a necessary part of our lives. Somfy is an ideal brand in the market that designs various best devices to enlighten your homes. Integrated with several features, this brand will keep innovating new better devices to make our world a better place to live.


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