Written by : Shreya Gairola

Want to protect your home with the next-generation technology?

Innovative technology is advancing with each new day. Every day begins with innovation. This technology is ruling the world and turning our lives simpler. This technology has introduced us to many intelligent gadgets that save our time and secure our loved ones while we are away. The time had passed when everyone used to worry about how they will leave home and whom to trust while we are on a vacation or in-office conference. Now the things are changing and evolving. With so many readily available gadgets in the market now, there is no worrying about leaving home or managing things at home with the office and kids. This innovative technology is bringing a bright future from intelligent speakers to motion sensors. This technology has entirely changed our lives.

Everyone is reliable to this technology and converting their homes into smart homes. As this technology is our future, so is the price too. Some intelligent gadgets are affordable, while some are not. But here is the thing: we, the human of the 21st century, love creating and building our things in our creative way. So, many companies are smartly making these gadgets in a DIY way that can be affordable. For DIY, you don’t have to call a technician to install the intelligent gadget as you can do it by yourself with the given instructions.

It’s easy; it’s affordable. If you are looking to secure your home or business, motion sensors are the perfect gadgets. Many intruders will be quickly put off with motion sensors in your home as they give round clock security. You must be wondering that how these sensors can work in the dark. Let’s dig deeper into these motion sensors.

What is a motion sensor?

No worries in securing home when motion sensors are here!

A motion sensor is a kind of electronic gadget that is designed to detect and measure movement. This device is majorly used in home and business security systems but can quickly be found in phones, paper towel dispensers and many more. Motion sensors are embedded systems with three main components: A sensor unit, an embedded computer and hardware or the mechanical component. These three components differ in size and configuration, but luckily, motion sensors can be customized to perform elevated specific tasks.

We can find motion sensors in two types:

  1. Active motion sensor
  2. Passive motion sensor

An active motion sensor consists of both a transmitter and a receiver. This sensor detects motion by measuring changes in the amount of sound or radiation reflecting the receiver. If an object interferes with the sensor’s field, an electric pulse is sent to the embedded computer that interacts with the hardware component. The most active motion detector uses ultrasonic sensor technology. These motion sensors produce sound waves to detect the presence of objects.

 Why Use Motion Sensors?

Motion sensors are an essential device for your home and business security system. This device can detect when someone is in your home or on the business property when they shouldn’t be. This gadget is in huge demand nowadays with its features of securing home while you are at home and away; this device creates a buzz. Many companies are developing various motion sensors that can work in daylight as well as in the dark. If a burglar is trying to interrupt, this device notifies you and tells your monitoring centre about it. In today’s world, where crime is increasing every day, this device is much needed.

The part of motion sensors in home security

The primary role of the motion detection device is to sense a burglar and send an alert to your control panel, which notifies your monitoring centre. While you are away from your home or you tell the system, then sensors work. You can program some security systems to record events through a security camera when there is a motion.

What Types of Motion Sensor are Available and How Do They Work?

Motion sensors are made to detect motion or movement within an area. If an unusual person or activity is seen, these sensors can signal the alarm to the monitoring system. They are a favourite choice for CCTV systems. The standard form of motion sensors is passive infrared motion detectors. Though, some sensors use active infrared technology while others use microwaves or ultrasonic radiation.

The PIR sensor is a type of sensor that detects the temperature of a body within an area when your system is armed. They are generally united with contact sensors to improve security even further. Various motion sensors are available in the market. There are microwave sensors that emit a regular wave of radiation to measure the reflection of a moving object. If the constant wave of radiation is bothered, the alarm is triggered. Ultimately, there are ultrasonic sensors too. A sensor type emits ultrasonic waves reflected when an object shows up in its proximity. If the sensors found a change in the reflection, then the alarm can be activated. There are dual technology motion sensors, too, which combine all the features such as a PIR sensor and a microwave sensor. According to your budget on security needs, you can choose which type of sensors you want to pick for your home and business.

Do motion sensors work in the dark?

Well, the answer is yes. These motion sensors can efficiently work in complete darkness too. A motion sensor identifies movement has nothing to do with whether it works in light or dark. The truth is that whether it is a passive infrared motion sensor or a dual tech motion sensor that also uses microwave detection. A PIR motion sensor works by looking for changes in infrared energy. Everyone gives off some sum of IR Energy, which is measurable by a PIR motion sensor. When a person accompanies a PIR sensor within the detection field, the gadget will sense their infrared energy and respond accordingly. As infrared energy is there and can be detected despite the amount of light in the environment, a PIR motion sensor will work just well in the dark.


Technology is advancing and will keep advancing. We can find motion sensors in a wide variety.  For its various features, this device is much needed. This device is one of the gifts given by good technology. It is the perfect solution for looking for a security system or securing their home or business.


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