Written by: Shreya Gairola

The period of the 21st century will be known as the era of smart technology. Innovative technology is ruling across the globe. With the launch of various smart gadgets, our world is moving towards the next generation. By the upcoming years, digitalization and smart technology will capture the world. Many huge brands such as Amazon, Google are creating voice assistants and many devices that work on artificial intelligence. These devices are turning our lives more efficiently and conveniently. Amazon Alexa is one of the famous voice assistants.

Alexa is one of the gadgets that almost work as a valuable smart home assistant. This means that you can connect smart sensors to Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Echo (4th Gen). Several sensors are available that can detect every activity that we do at home. Such activity includes motion, temperature, door or window opening. With these activities, other devices also get a chance how to react.

When linked with Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo enables you to access your home lighting to other sensing equipment such as door and window sensors, motion sensors and many more with your voice. These devices together make a great combination as Alexa provides an easy and seamless way to manage smart home devices without any need for a tablet, smartphone or desktop.Let’s dig in  deeper about Samsung SmartThings.

What are SmartThings?

SmartThings is a brand that is owned by Samsung. A smart thing is not just any device but a name that Samsung tracks on to other products or uses to specify it works within the setup. It is also the app’s name that you can use to manage all the smart devices and products in your home.SmartThings refers to the cloud-based intelligence that can make your innovative homework and the companion app that you use to control all of it. It is the same as how Alexa refers to both the intelligence that influences an Amazon Echo gadget and the app you use to set it up and manage your devices.

Samsung is known for its long history of building hardware and many devices that are now compatible with the SmartThings like refrigerators, television sets and clothes dryers. The Amazon Alexa ecosystem by no means small as Samsung has a leg up with specific devices.

The Samsung SmartThings motion sensor thrives out among the Alexa compatible sensors as long as it lets it quickly cover a vast room. It can also activate in reaction to temperature and lighting. It can be easily paired with an Echo Plus or Echo Show. Through this, you can direct Alexa routines based on motion or temperature changes in the room. This device adjusts the temperature, but it can also adjust other devices connected with it. It’s a breeze to install this device as it handles everything in your home. Moreover, It is easy to adjust and almost can be fit anywhere in your home. The sensor of this device is also water-resistant.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor comes at a typical price of $20.The main aim of this gadget is to serve as a contact sensor. Through which you can easily stick one of these on any door, any window or any drawer in your home. This device can detect when the doors are open or close. Not only they detect the opening and closing of a door, but also it has temperature and vibration sensors inside too, so it can give you alerts too. This can activate other devices, too, if an area is too hot or cold. This turns out to be the most versatile sensor.

Steps to update controllable devices through Smart Things

Once you combine your Amazon Echo with Smart things, the smart things mobile application will allow you to configure and manage your devices. To add a new device for an existing setup, just follow these steps:

  • In the SmartThings app, go to Menu–>SmartApps–>Amazon Echo.
  • In My Device List, you will see the devices to which Echo has access.
  • Click on Done–>Next and just follow the in-app device instructions.
  • Then, Tap

Steps to disconnect Amazon Echo from SmartThings

  • If you want to detach the device, then the setup is straightforward:
  • Just go to the SmartThings app and tap Menu–>SmartApps–>Amazon Echo–>Remove.


With the evolution in technology, various gadgets are readily available. These devices can quickly turn your life easy and comfortable. Major brands such as Samsung, Amazon has introduced us to gadgets that not only helps us but secures our homes too. This device protects our privacy and secures our belongings. With just one touch on your phone or by just asking Alexa, these devices also manage s the lighting and temperature of your home too. These are the devices that have becomes everyone’s need.

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