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Innovative technology has entirely changed the way we exist. Smart technology has become everyone’s friend, a bodyguard, a family member in today’s world. With innovative technology, now anyone can manage their homes while you are on vacation or at the office. Smart home automation is one of the gifts given by this technology. An innovative home technology allows you to connect every device at one specific place, which works on artificial technology. With various wireless protocols available in the market, Zigbee is one of the most famous wireless protocols. Working of Zigbee protocol s seamless and has various features that enable users to manage their homes. This protocol efficiently manages your home. Let’s learn more about the Working of Zigbee.

What are smart Zigbee lights?

Zigbee is one of the most popular wireless protocols designed as an open global standard to address the precise needs of low cost, low power wireless IoT networks. This is one of the favourite products that power innovative light solutions such as Hue, Xiaomi and GE.The Zigbee protocol functions on the IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio requirement. Smart Zigbee lights are significantly smart, a light that utilizes Zigbee standards and working of Zigbee. They enable users to manage diverse aspects of their lights, such as colours.

Significant types of Zigbee lights are:

  1. Smart Bulbs
  2. LED strips
  3. LED Controllers
  4. Smart Switches
  5. Dimmers

Which lights in your home should you automate?

The advancement of technology has changed the way we live. Over the past few decades, A Smart technology has leaded our world. Today, with the evolution of smart technology, you can easily control the colours and switching on and off the lights with just one tap on your phone. Here comes the main question: which lights in the house will be best for automation, and why Zigbee works?

With the developments in innovative technology, various smart lights are available in the market. You can decorate your interiors with automatic light. You can also put them in a vacated room to the impression that someone lives, thereby handling the lights with your smartphone.

Even automating porch lights also seems ideal as you can have them turned on before you come home after dark to eliminate the risk of a potential burglary.

You can also automate your bedroom or study room with LED lights like the lighting is raised or reduced, relying on the incoming natural light. Eventually, this will help you save money as well as your electricity bills too.

 What is the dissimilarity between Zigbee lights and Zigbee switches?

Imagine lights can be controlled with your smartphones?

Zigbee lights are fundamentally LED lights that can be handled using your smartphone and smart home automation hub through Zigbee wireless technology. They are a little bit expensive than the regular lights. But they use less amount of energy and have a long life. On the other hand, Zigbee switches are light switches that have the same shape as the switches we use to control the lighting around the home yourself. They also utilize wirelessly control lights using Zigbee wireless protocols and channels.

Installing smart bulbs is much easier.

Smart bulbs are available in the market with integrated Wi-Fi Capabilities. They are fitted in a similar way that a conventional bulb is installed. Moreover, Smart switches are not simple as lights when it comes to setting up. In most cases, to set up smart switches, you have to change the wiring in your home and add a component that automates the switch’s functionality instead of the bulb. Generally, this means that you’ll have to replace your recent switches with newer, superior ones.

Switches are cost-effective.

When people glance for smart bulbs and switches, they discover that regular bulbs are inexpensive than smart bulbs. If you search for the brand, you may find enormous varieties. From Philips to Zigbee, every brand comes with a different price range. Smart switches are the one that manages numerous lights at one time. For example, you can have a single switch that manages all the lights there in your lounge. In addition, smart switches can work with all kinds of bulbs.

You can set your desired ambience with smart Zigbee lights.

If you want to set your lights according to your mood, then colourful lighting is perfect for that. With Zigbee protocol, these lights can be changed according to your mood. If you are in a party mood, you can change the lights with one tap on your phone. This is possible due to smart switches that can only turn the lights on or off and then dim them. Though, only lights can insert colour into the room.

Both technologies work to provide additional safety

Regardless of the differences and disadvantages that both ZigBee lights and switches have. They have one primary benefit that is they proffer against intruders. Most smart lights come with an app that lets you switch the lights on and off even when you are not home.

Hue is the famous Zigbee lights brand.

Philips is one of the famous brands. They are known for their electronic and smart devices. Known for the smart lights and wireless protocols. Philips hue has rapidly made its name as one of the famous Zigbee lights. Moreover, it is not the Zigbee that you can get. With wireless protocols, you can turn your home into a glorious home.


Although many wireless protocols are available in the market. Some are inexpensive, some are expensive. This smart technology lets you manage every device in your home. Innovative technology has lots of benefits but disadvantages too. Working of Zigbee protocol offers a wireless range of 70m indoors and 400m outdoors. This will let you turn your home into a magnificent home.

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