What Does The Alexa Voice Remote Do?

Written by: Shreya Gairola

Are you a fan of using Amazon Firestick or fire TV or want to try it!

Through several developments in technologies, the largest e-commerce company Amazon has launched a next-generation device known as Amazon Firestick or fire TV through several developments in technologies. This particular device can be easily connected to your television. Through which, you can stream various platforms in one place.

Such platforms like Amazon prime video, Netflix, Disney Hotstar and many more. This device has entirely changed our way of living by making us more convenient. Certain developments by Amazon have also introduced us to the smart assistant Alexa, Echo, and many more. We have already seen or even used the voice search feature on our Firestick remote. Currently, Amazon has also added Alexa support for creating the fire TV remote more users friendly and enhancing its effectiveness. Let’s dig in deeper to know more about the Alexa voice remote.

Amazon Alexa

Launched by Amazon in 2017, Alexa voice remote has taken technology to the next level. This remote control helps you to manage the fire TV using voice commands. It is a time-saver, too, as you don’t have to use the keyboard or any arrow buttons on your remote. You can browse your favourite media by just pressing a voice search on your remote. You can say a lot from the voice command feature by just accessing your favourite channel; you can even play a particular music track or launch your favourite app.

Versions of Amazon Alexa

Suppose you are someone who just bought a Firestick for a very long time and have only a regular remote. You can buy a fire stick voice remote as a standalone product from Amazon with a price of less than 30$. This remote has two versions of Alexa Remote listed by Amazon as the 1st Gen and the 2nd Gen.

Alexa 2nd Gen voice remote has extra buttons too to turn on/off or even control your TV volume. It also has a mute button. At the same price, both versions of the remote are sold. You can pick whichever you need that is based on your Firestick version. The 2nd gen remote is not suitable with various devices. With that, you can even find the supported models on the product catalogue of Amazon.

How to l Alexa Remote with Fire TV/Firestick?

It is simple to link the Alexa voice remote to your fire TV. Just insert the batteries in the remote, and you are ready to go. This voice-controlled remote comes with many features as this remote came along with your Firestick device that will automatically pair with your TV. If it does not occur, press the home button on your Firestick remote for at least 10-20 seconds and try again.

Troubleshooting Tips: Firestick Voice Remote

  • Just switch off the power for your Firestick and wait for a minute, and then reconnect the power.
  • With outstanding capabilities, the Fire TV remote consumes a lot of power and drains rapidly.
  • Do check that the batteries that you are using batteries with a full charge.
  • If not, then replace them with another pair of new batteries.
  • Ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly.
  • Then, remove the batteries from the Firestick Remote and add them again.

How to Launch Alexa

Unlike other gadgets such as Amazon Echo, you don’t have to use the word Alexa at the starting of your command as the remote of Alex has a dedicated voice search button. By pressing and hold the voice button to activate Alexa. Just say your command and release the button. Sometimes this voice command device also gets stuck and may not understand your command. Then they respond like “Sorry unable to”.

Playing Movies

Are you a prime member?

If you are a prime member or not, you can use Alexa rapidly to play your favourite movies. Just launch Alexa by using remote and say “Play “.If you don’t have any particular title on your mind, you can say any desired movie genre. Alexa will display the entire list of your desired genre on your screen. This voice-controlled remote helps to rapidly play your favourite movie without the requirement to open and peruse the Prime Video application on your Fire TV.

Listening to Music

Music is evergreen. With the Alexa voice remote, you can play your favourite track, album, an artist from Amazon music. With the Alexa voice-controlled remote launch, select the music you want to play and say, Alexa.


Want to know the weather forecast while watching television?

Just say Alexa and ask about the weather. It will show the weather forecast on your screen 


Technology has changed our world. The evolution of technologies has turned our lives more convenient and secure. Several e-commerce brands have developing new devices with each new day. With Alexa voice search, the way you access your entertainment has turned out to be easy. It helps you to rapidly navigate or control a lot of features on your fire TV. This voice-controlled remote is a unique innovation of technology.

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