Written by: Shreya Gairola

Over the past decades, technology has been evolving and will keep evolving in the future too. Technology developments are one of the most incredible promises and an opportunity from every year to year. We cannot predict the future. But we already know that the future will be going to be all about the smart technological era. Digitalization and smart technology continue to reshape our lives to encourage us to form new habits and search for new ways to work together. These changes have brought several opportunities for people to adopt a new lifestyle and become a better human being.

Technology has developed in the market quickly, and now we cannot imagine a life without it. Several gadgets are turning our life simpler, from managing your home with a touch on your Smartphone to securing your loved ones. Our life relies on these gadgets. From Smartphone’s to laptop our life depends on them. Most of the enormous organizations went digital. Through this technology, people have found out many opportunities. Through this technology, loved ones living across the globe can get connected with this technology.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is also known as the Alexa. It is a virtual voice assistant that works on AI technology created by the most prominent eCommerce company Amazon. It is firstly used in the Amazon Echo smart speaker and the Echo dot. It can voice interaction, music playback, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and other real-time information like news. Alexa can also control various smart devices using itself as a home automation system.

This technology is a glimpse of the future. Several gadgets that many huge brands generate are working with our command and handling each and everything that we want. Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri are one of them. Of all the things speaking about Alexa speakers, they are most trending these days. Alexa speakers have some primary uses that are simple things such as alarms and timers. Amazon has introduced us to the most trending voice assistant that is Alexa. This voice-controlled assistant not only switches on your lights or television when you command but also schedule meetings and daily routines for you.

Amazon’s Alexa also features reminders and multiple timers.

With essential features in Alexa, Amazon is beefing up. Amazon has added reminders and a timer feature with the ability to provide timers names. Through this, you can manage multiple timers simultaneously. With certain developments in Alexa now, it is straightforward to set up reminders and multiple timers with a specific name. Alexa will never let you miss your essential schedule or meetings.

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. They are constantly updating Alexa with new skills, ranging from tedious to crucial. Reminders and lists being the former. Having various timers running means that you can enquire how long it will take for your pie or other things? Alexa has a simple setting option. Through which you can change the timing and reminder list. Thinking about how standard and a valuable timer is, you should have been available since Alexa’s foundation. You can handle the total of your timer and reminder list in the Alexa app. if you are away from your device, although you can use the Reverb app and have Alexa on your phone.

How Amazon Alexa manages lists and reminders

Lists and reminders may seem basic. But people prefer to use smart assistants for almost every stuff. Most 39% of smart speakers owners use them to set reminders, and 41% use them to set timers. The alarm update comes days after Amazon added support for Apple’s calendars.

With thousands of apps and skills, The artificially intelligent voice assistant Amazon Alexa’s is the most trending voice assistant. It is not specifically better at understanding natural language. This can be set in any language that you are comfortable with. With the new developments, it is still developing. It is going to develop in several languages too.

Alexa can be managed with phones easily. It needs to be connected to your Smartphone. Alexa also handles your every calls and list. If you want to call someone, ask Alexa, and Alexa will call them automatically. Without searching your contact lists, you can quickly contact your loved ones and efficiently manage your grocery lists.


The voice-controlled Alexa pursue on the heels of new developer-centric progress such as speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags that allows app creators to control Alexa’s intonations that includes whispers, expletive bleeps, and emphasis a bit improved than before. For all the excellent reason improvements is much needed. In every device, after a specific time, companies update their technology.

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