Written by: Shreya Gairola

Innovation has enlightened the way we live. Through several developments in technology, it has more accessible for us to manage our homes. Not only our homes but also our office too. Smart innovation has gifted us with several smart devices. These devices work on artificial intelligence. With this artificial intelligence, they work under our given commands, from scheduling our meetings to turning on our lights. These devices are much needed for this era. The evolution of technology has also given birth to these digital platforms. From these platforms, we not only find information but also can connect with our long lost friend. The upcoming years will be known for this intelligent technology. Technology changing our way of living.

Various intelligent gadgets are available in the marketplaces. Such devices are Smart doorbell, Smart speakers, Smart bulbs, Smart televisions and many more. If these devices are connected to your phone, then you can handle these devices with just one tap on your phone. These gadgets provide us comfort, but they also secure our loved ones and belongings while we are away. Let’s learn more about smart light bulbs.

Lighting: The primary base of your home

Lighting is a vital factor in turning your home into a temple. Lights not only give us the power to view things, but also they are the basic foundation of every home. Homes are incomplete without the lights. Nowadays, every kind of lights is available in the market. Decorating your home with the lights and their variations has become a most trending thing. Every design in light is unique and has its role to play. From colour changing lights to smart bulbs, these lights can be found in several varieties. According to your space and requirement, you can choose lightings for diverse areas very wisely.

The equilibrium between the natural and artificial lights

Suppose you have an enormous room with large windows that can be opened for the natural lights. You require making equilibrium between the natural Nights and the artificial lights. It is vital to maintain a balance to get an equal amount of lights with your space. If there is an adequate amount of lights and bring in your home in the daytime, you require to dim your lights it will be more cost-saving and comfortable.

How you can manage Your Smart Light bulbs with Emoji Sticker

Wondering how you can manage smart light bulbs with emoji’s sticker?

As there are several varieties and designs available in the marketplace. It becomes very confusing sometimes during the setup of these smart light bulbs. To resolve this issue, various emoji’s stickers are available. These emoji’s stickers can be used to figure out which bulb is placed in the room. These stickers do not affect these light bulbs but can resolve the issue very efficiently.

 Get Some Stickers

For arranging this confusion, you may require more than 5-6 emoji’s stickers. You can also get this sticker pack at the e-commerce websites such as Amazon, which have various sellers. There are various packs such as some 100 packs stickers, some 1344 emoji’s sticker’s pack and many more. It depends on your choice and requirement of how many you want to buy. These stickers are minuscule and only a half-inch diameter. With this, it will not severely affect the bulb. If you have your bulbs inside fixtures such as lampshades or sconces, you will not even see them until you need to. Although smart bulbs are Led’s, and it doesn’t get hot as the traditional bulbs, you don’t have to think about the stickers melting or peeling off. These intelligent lights are the next generation of lights. With one touch on your phone, you can handle switching on and off these smart bulbs. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s worth it.

Use Similar Emoji as Visual Aids

A room is incomplete with the lights. Lights play a crucial role in the enlightening of your home. Lights not only complete your interiors but also glorify your homes. With various designs available in the marketplace, Lights are becoming the major decorating trend for interiors. But with these light setting trends and designs, there might be some confusion that can be occurred while setting up your lights. You can decorate your home with more than one light. To make things feasible, some stickers are available in the market. Through which you can place in each light while setting it up.

You can place these stickers at each light and with the various trends.

These stickers can be found in several varieties, such as emoji’s, fruits. You can assign rooms categories for the emoji’s stickers. You can add emoji sticker or smiley face sticker; you can add emoji sticker on these bright light bulbs for the living room. You can use home-related emoji for the rest or even separate them by colour. It makes it more effortless if you ever have to move to a new place. You can leave your bulb settings as they are without having to rearrange them, as these stickers will allow you to find the bulbs wherever they are placed.

Assign Emoji in the App

Once you have chosen the lights for your interiors, then you can choose stickers according to them. You can apply them to your smart bulbs and can rename them accordingly. These stickers do not affect these smart bulbs and do not melt out. These stickers are convenient and straightforward to distinguish between these lights. If you don’t have a lot of intelligent gear, categorize them with this emoji shorthand to make it easier to manage the gear you’ll add in the future.


We are living in an era of intelligent devices. A device that is changing our lives. Lights play a critical role in our life. The things we view through our eyes are possible with the lights; without the light, it’s dark. The development of technologies has changed the way we live. It is turning our life comfortable and straightforward. Several designs are available in the lights. Through which you can decorate the interiors according to your need. With stickers, you can categorize these lights and can alter the settings.

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