Creating A Real Automated Luxury Home 

Written By -Shreya Gairola

As the world moves towards the advancement of technology, people are heading towards automation, whether in automobiles, houses, or gadgets. People are trying to rely more and more on gadgets for doing their jobs with just voice commands. Now many people are going towards fully automated luxurious homes to have complete comfort in their own homes without doing much and can relax at their home.

Smart home automation is trending because of their ability to do. A smart home is a technology that enables connecting all the devices at one place and works on the internet. Consumers are demanding more smart gadgets. But the question that arises here is why you should invest in smart home automation.

Let’s understand more about the home automation

What is home automation??

To understand how we can create home automation for our homes, we need to understand home automation. Home automation permits you to control almost every aspect of your home through the internet of things. Home automation is one of the most significant advancements in the technology growing in the market.

Here are few features which you can use for making your home fully automated: 

For the living room

The living room is the most crucial area of the whole house because it is the first place your guest’s visits, so you need to make it more presentable and welcoming for the guests for the living room. You can use the following gadgets to decorate your home with automatic devices.

1.Smart fans 

Various types of options are available for smart fans in the market, which can just be controlled through your voice, and you can easily switch them on and off without getting up. These fans can even be operated through an app and scheduled for any time of the day.

2.Smart floors 

Just like the thermostat, now you can control the temperature of your floor through voice commands. If you live in freezing weather or hot weather, you can easily control your weather according to your requirements.

3.Smart television 

You can have smart television for your home so that you can watch where you want and whenever you want. Smart Tv does not require a proper cable connection. You can watch your content over the internet and even control your televisions through a speaker after connecting them.

4.Automatic lightning 

When it comes to lighting, there are two options they are smart light switches and bulbs. Switches give you a variety of functions to deal with, such as dimming the lights, whereas the bulb can help you change your lights’ colour.

5.Smart speakers 

Smart speakers are a must-have if you want to fully automate your home so that you can automate your voice commands from wherever you like for all your smart devices.

6.Blinds automation 

If you want to automate your home entirely, you can opt for fully automated blinds that can roll up and down with the help of an app or voice commands to regulate them easily.

7.Doorbells and security 

Other options you can go for automation are doorbells and locks, which will allow you to operate them from your phone so that you can unlock your home within a few meters before reaching.

8.Thermal stats 

You can have a centralized air conditioning system that can be operated with the help of a thermostat, which was the first to come out in the market in the field of automation. You can control your temperature with the help of an app or voice command, depending on your choice.

For the kitchen area

The kitchen area is the next most important thing in your home as far as feeding your tummy is concerned a person can quickly get tired doing all the cooking and cleaning which is required in the process so here are few devices that will make your life much more straightforward than it usually is

1.Smart refrigerators 

Smart refrigerators vary in capability. They can let you how often they are being accessed, alert you if your door is left open, let you know what products you need to buy, and few refrigerators have a monitor that can let you stream. They can come with one of these features or combinations of these.


The automated oven allows you to control your oven from anywhere. There are even smart ovens that can be handled through Alexa. Some apps also permit you to look up recipes and queue them up at the time and temperature they needed for the recipe.

 3.Smart dishwashers 

These dishwashers run on a very similar app as smart ovens and compatible with smart fridge’s. Through these apps, you can check the status of your wash, get the notification when your load is done, and start-stop similar a load similar to the oven.

Similarly, there are tons and tons of product which can cater to your every need which can be smart beds for your bedroom, smart toilet seats for your bathrooms etc. These were just a few examples through which you can make your home fully automated. These devices are the major ones and can be used on a day to day basis through which you can create a fully automated home.

Turn Your Household and Lifestyle More Efficient 

With smart technology, now your home can turn out to be more efficient and power saving. Smart doorbells can give you a portable warning when somebody rings your door, it permit you to see who that individual is, and surprisingly let you speak with them. Need to water your plants while you’re away for the end of the week? Introducing an smart water regulator makes that simple.

Smart Home Solutions Are Enjoyable 

A smart home makes our life more accessible, yet it provides us with several options to choose from. With innovative home solutions, one can easily manage their homes with just one tap on their phone and easily manage them through the apps.


The development in technology has introduced us to various smart gadgets through which we can save more time and energy. This smart technology makes our life easier and transforms our simple home into a luxurious one.

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