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Productivity tools

These are the applications or software used for building information, creating and modifying office documents to make the tasks easier. It can include personal databases, presentations, memos, worksheets, spreadsheets, form generations, etc. Productivity tools help in better communication instead of answering the mails every time. A chat tool can enable the company employees to converse through direct messaging or having side conversations. Many small companies are engaging in multiple projects and handling those compelling needs collaboration and individual responsibility. A project management tool can help business owners to organize tasks. It also ensures whether employees are getting the work done in the given time constraint or not. Time is an essential factor in business, and an automated tool will help sort out your routine tasks. Let’s learn more about business productivity tools.

Below are ten free business productivity tools for small businesses:

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is one of the best applications for project management, scheduling, collaboration, telephony, and instant messaging.

It offers a free account and provides 5GB of storage to its users. It is a suite of impactful business tools designed especially for small companies and startups to improve their productivity. The app helps in routine functions like detailed reports, sending emails, recording calls, storing data on contacts and communications, assigning tasks to teams, and issuing invoices.

2. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based app used for office productivity suites. Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Excel are the core programs of MS Teams which cover functions like presentations, spreadsheets, documents, etc. MS Office helps to move files in these different applications, and various online data and backups are stored in OneDrive, ensuring its safety. Microsoft is leading in the office productivity tools as compared to other rival tech apps.

3. Join. me

Join. Me is a practical teleconferencing application that helps in keeping track of company updates. Meetings and transatlantic web conferences are possible using this tool. The app reviews designs and documents, product demonstrations and helps to train staff members. It is one of the finest productive tools compared to other SaaS platforms and allows scheduling and starting meetings from within the application itself.


WaveApp.com, also formerly known as WaveAccounting.com, is accounting software. The application is easier to use and offers unlimited invoicing as well as good at expense tracking.

It is specially designed for non-accountants and is free for startups or small businesses. The app can securely connect with bank or Paypal accounts and keep track of company transactions.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a widely used productivity app and a single place to store your personal and professional files. The app helps in avoiding information overload and gives a proper channel to store the data. The key features include 15 GB of free storage with a Google account, integration with third-party applications, file attachments, folder, and file sharing, easy syncing with androids, computer, and tablet for quick access. It allows user to access the saved files and even invite people to make changes in files for communication purposes. Google Drive can handle work documents such as Slides, Sheets, and Docs as well.

6. Task

The Task is the best productive app amongst the others. The app was designed and developed for teams and is best known for task management software. It includes a comprehensive set of features with a simplified interface, learned and used by homemakers to big enterprises. They provide modules such as projects, issues, tasks, and meeting management that enable teams to avoid third-party integrations and constant use of multiple tools. The application helps in keeping notes or maintaining a to-do list. Through this way, it is easy to keep track of business ideas, project progress and monitor the employees’ tasks. Budget allocation and resource planning can help in project implementation. It can also keep your team productive throughout the project development process.

7. Todoist

Todoist is the best productivity tool for task management and also to-do lists. It has key features like templates, hyperlinks, text formatting, recurring tasks, and location reminders. The app helps modify the regular commissions according to the completion dates, the composition of task titles and notes, and importing task files from templates. Responding to emails and customer follow-ups can be overwhelming; hence Todoist can help the company with task management.

8. Harvest

Harvest is a time tracking productivity tool with an invoicing application to it. The app enables you to track time and expenses spent on a specific task by producing timesheets. The timesheet helps in keeping track of the time each individual spends on a particular job. Harvest can generate invoices for their clients by logging billable hours and relative expenses.

9. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management tool that guides users to make several tasks: to-do lists, schedules, reports, direct messages, client access, etc. The app organizes information into small groups or camps. It includes essential integrations similar to other tools like Asana and Wrike. Time tracking, automation, reporting tools, and chart building are some of the functions of Basecamp.


10. CloudApp

CloudApp is a free productivity tool that allows collaboration with team members visually rather than writing notes to each other. It has key features such as tracking, viewing, deleting files from the menu bar, a wide range of plugins, and CloudApp API. The application saves up to fifty-six hours a week because of the quick information data transfer. CloudApp allows users to connect with their clients, customers, or colleagues through video calls, text chains, even gifs. It presents clear information to the source and maintains contact management in a business atmosphere.


A social media management tool can take care of posting content multiple times a day. The best productivity tools are in simple versions and are easy to use. These tools combine several functions in a single application to work efficiently in one place rather than using multiple software platforms.


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