How To Optimize Your Home Lighting Design Based On Colour Temperature

Written By -Nikita Sharma

Technology is proliferating so are the devices too. Many companies are preparing several devices that can make your life easier. Smart devices are one of the technologies that can turn your simple home into a smart home. An enhanced number of options are now available to create a smart home, from voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa to automatically controlled appliances such as lighting, heating and security solutions.

Smart homes are the trending feature that can simply turn out your home in to a magnificent one. These intelligent appliances can work on your voice and in just one touch on the phone. Whether you are at home or far away, these smart devices can manage your home so quickly.

The room lighting for the living room enhances the beauty of your homes. Interior lighting is a vital aspect of your home’s design.You can decorate your interiors with these lights. Lightning design can also differ from room to room.The lighting design keeps changing over time. Different people have different preferences.

Let’s understand more about these colour temperature led lights

What are colour temperature led lights? 

To understand how the characterization works for your lighting design based on the colour temperature, you need to understand the colour temperature and how it affects your mood.

Colour temperature led lights refers to the characterization of the spectral properties of a light source and is commonly used during the production place in the films and photography industry.

Local temperature is warmer, More yellow to the red line. In comparison, colour temperature is the colder, more blue light.

  • Warm lights are primarily measured between 2700 to 3000 Kelvin.
  • Cool lights are measured between 3000k to 5,000k.
  • The daylights are measured between 5000 to 6500k.

Colour temperature led lights, earlier this year, was just used in films and television. Still, they are used for production purposes, but nowadays, they are also used to design and light the house.

 Colour temperatures led lights are kept in mind according to the needs and requirements of the clients so that they can feel comfortable in their homes so that the lights which are in other houses are not harsh for their eyes.

Different type of lights for your house

1.For your kitchen area

While designing the colour temperature led lights in the kitchen area, you need to keep in mind that while cooking, concentration and focus are the essential factors needed in the kitchen area.

 So for that purpose, the light should be kept cool, which would mostly be the white life, so that you can easily focus and have all the attention for the dishes you will make to make mistakes.

2.Living room

Even after a very tiring day from work, all you need is to come home and relax in your Living room while watching a television show. For that, you need to have perfect lighting so that you don’t feel disturb or have pressure on your eyes. According to the temperature, warm lights, or yellow lights, the best type of lighting in the living room will be more soothing and relaxing for your eyes. Automatically your body will go on in a resting position.

3.Dining area 

The dining area is supposed to be a mixture of yellow and white lights because of the design you need to pay attention to while eating your food. At the same time, you need to be calm and at peace. While doing so, for that purpose, you will need a mixture of both warm and cool temperature in your dining area, which will allow you to create a balance between being entirely relaxed and being attentive.

4.Bathroom area

A bathroom is where you usually go after waking up in the morning for freshening purposes to wake up properly. It is essential to have white lights or cool temperature lights so that you can wake up quickly in the morning without any problems or difficulties. It will be more suitable if you will have colour changing lights in your restroom to alter the colour according to the day’s duration.

5.Bedroom areas

Bedroom areas are the main area where people can come and relax properly. So the lights in this area should be in mild temperatures, which will help you sleep after a long and tiring day of work.

Warm temperature lights are the lights that will help you create a peaceful environment to sleep soundly and adequately.

These ideas will guide you in decorating your house and make your house lit up if you use the lights according to your mood and requirements. So while decorating your house, make sure to choose lights according to your preferences.


With the latest developments in technology now you can easily decorate your home with various lightning designs.Lights are the basic foundation of home. These smart gadgets can transform your home in to glorious one. .With the evolution in technology artificial intelligence is making a huge difference in shaping the future.Smart homes are just a glance of the future.

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