How To Build A Home Theatre 

How To Build A Home Theatre 

Written By -Nikita Sharma

 The introduction of intelligent gadgets tends to fulfil that dream by making our lives easy yet more convenient. Several changes have taken place throughout time. Trends are ruling everyone’s heart in every sector, whether in decorating the home or creating unique art.

Home theatre is no longer a luxury. It has become common for everyone with the advent of technology. Home theatres have become easily convenient to everyone because of the easy availability of resources needed in the most parsimonious way. In situations like pandemic and complete lockdown when cinema theatres are closed, home theatres come in handy and can be helpful for your entertainment purpose.

Steps to design home theatre:

1.Choose your location

For building up a home theatre, you need to choose a perfect location in your home so that it is in a place where no one gets disturbed by you using your home theatre. The suitable area for a home theatre studio would be 20 feet in length and 13 feet in width and somewhat deserted from the rest of the house. The most prominent place would be the basement which can convert into a home theatre if the basement is not in use. The selection of location vital because you need to find a perfect place in your home so that it will not create any kind of disturbance while you enjoy your cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. It will not disturb the people staying in the home as well as your neighbours.

2.Frame and Insulate

Insulation is defined as filling up the gaps between spaces of your home to reduce heat flow by insulation and thermal insulation; therefore, it makes insulation and framing necessary in your theatre room to block the noise entirely after pre-wiring is done. Without framing and insulation, you can’t have a perfect home theatre because it will allow voices to travel across the room, which will ultimately cancel out the whole purpose of the home theatre in your house.

3.Prewire surround sound 

Most home theatre uses a 7.1 surround sound system, including a subwoofer and seven-channel speakers, which have to be positioned in the left-right centre, two side surrounds, and two rear surrounds.

4.Prewire a video projector

  • For a theatre-like experience, you will need a pre wire projector system which will require two cables.
  • An HDMI cable to carry high definition video projector
  • A CAT5 control wire for accessing the projector with a radio frequency remote.

5.Pre-wired lighting

It becomes essential for you to have proper lighting in your homeroom to have a beautiful theatre-like experience with your friends and family, including lightning in the ceiling and sconces along the side walls. Connecting the lights to an RF dimmer will let you control them with the same RF remote you use for the projector. You can even set lights to auto-dim when auto-dim play.

6.Installing soundproof system

To enjoy your movie experience while listening to your desired sound, it becomes essential for you to install a soundproof system to enjoy your movie without disturbing the neighbours and other family members living in your home. Soundproofing your theatre room will also give you the privacy and comfort of your room. Soundproofing allows you to have a seamless experience.

7.Setup video and sound system 

Once you have established a soundproof system in your home theatre room, it’s time for you to set a good quality video and sound system. Also, you can hang up your speakers, projectors and a screen. The ideal size of a screen is 110-120 inches. For a professional atmosphere, frame the screen with a proscenium, a set of black acoustic panels that hides the left-right and centre speakers. When the speakers are hidden, it will provide a more authentic look in the room, and it will make it less pronounced for the people who will be experiencing the movies.

The speakers and projectors will connect to receive in your equipment hub. The receiver will accept content from various devices such as Blu ray, cable satellite feed, game console, home theatre PC. You need to ensure that you have the best audio and video system installed in your home theatre so that you can have a fantastic experience within the comfort of your home.

8.Seating arrangement

It would help if you had a proper seating arrangement while you make a theatre room. Make sure to have comfortable seats for your theatre so that you can enjoy your leisure time without any types of discomfort, such as back pain and tiredness. Make sure to choose the right furniture for your theatre room, which will match your décor and theme or contrast with each other. While selecting the furniture for a home theatre room, people usually go with darker colours such as Black, red and brown.


These are a few of the steps that can help you build a home theatre in the comfort of your home. It is totally up to you and on your budget, which can help you design a perfect home theatre however you feel like it. Building a perfect home theatre for your house can be entertaining for you has your family. With the help of these few steps, you can get a structure of you can start building your home theatre, and what are the things that will be required during the process at the end of it, all that matters is your choice and preferences according to your requirements and needs.

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