Noon Smart Lighting System Brings Intelligence To Your Old Bulb

Written By – Nikita Sharma

Technology has been expanding rapidly. The 21st century will be known for the introduction of smart technology. You must be wondering why it will be known as smart technology? What is a smart lighting system, and why it will be helpful to us?

Well, the answer is simple, Smart technology is turning our lives easier with smart gadgets. These gadgets do all kinds of work automatically, whether it is a household chore or opening the front door. These devices work on the instructions you provide. You can turn your lights on and off with these devices; these devices work on the principle of Artificial intelligence. Let’s find out more about how Noon Smart Lighting System Brings Intelligence to Old Bulbs.

Let’s dive in to know more about the smart lightning system

What is a noon lighting system?

To understand what a Noon lighting system can do to your house, you need to know what lighting system.

An smart lighting system is an advanced way to light your home. Smart LED bulbs contain software that connects to an app, Smart home assistant, or other smart accessories so that you can auto make your life. You are controlling them remotely, an element in need of traditional wall switches.

What is Noon smart lighting?

Many of us have old traditional switches such as a rocking switch or regular switches, which control the lights in the house. Smart home startup home proposes a version 2.0update – the noon smart lighting system that connects and transforms our rooms existing lighting into an smart featured-enable experience without the need to invest in an individual by Wi-Fi connected bulbs. How does the Noon innovative lighting system work?

The first thing that comes with the noon lighting system is the smart panel called the room director, OLED screen panel full stop. The all-black room director operates as the central hub with an interface that offers access to the system iconographic and programs scenes ( also accessible via compatible apps) while also wirelessly controlling several white coloured extension switches via Bluetooth LE with otherwise operates as a standard switch.

How does the noon smart lighting works?

Noon smart lighting helps you make your home much smarter without changing or replacing your switches. Smart lighting offers you the connection with smart feature Wi-Fi-connected bulls and office application for home entertainment/theatre lighting scenes and the OLEDs or actual black form factor scenes and ideal match.

How does a room director work?

The room directors are engineers to scan and identify existing within a room and smart enough to detect which bulb bulbs are in use. For example, whether they are Dimmable or not, the system smart monitors how much power is being utilised by each bulb and create creates optimised Mood lighting scenes for a pleasing atmosphere according to this data. This system can process by using the app as well.

1.One-touch control

Once the known touch smart control is installed in the lights of your room can be adjusted with one-touch from the room directors class touch screen OLED display.

2.Smart features of Noon smart lighting.

The smart features include night lights, which turns on Ultra-low light when you walk by the room director, and vacation mode which place pack learn patterns to the homeowner’s actual behaviour. Noon also supports voice activation with amazon’s Alexa.

Bulb Discovery Technology

While installing the noon smart lighting system, we do not require replacing our original bulb because it has its recognisable features that help recognise the bulbs currently existing in our homes with the help of electrical currents and uses an advanced algorithm to identify the type of blood bulb. It is the only lighting system that can automatically detect the bulb type, which will create compatibility with Virtually any residential bulb which is either done able and non-dimmable, incandescent, LED, CFL, and fluorescent as well as ELV ( electronic low voltage), MLV (low magnetic voltages) fixtures. Noon lightings combine the bulb with the fixture and room type to automatically create customised night scenes and minimise low-level popping, flickering and buzzing.

Let’s look into the features of these noon lighting systems

  • These lights can work under your instructions and manage your home when you are away. If you are in your office and want to switch on the lights of your living room, you can switch on your lights with just one tap on your phone.
  • These lights can help you manage your mood. Whether you are in party mode or a stressful mode, these lights can change their mode according to your instructions.
  • The room director of the noon smart lighting system can handle all the task from circuit to switching on the lights. You do not have to worry now if your lights are on or off.
  • These smart lighting systems have an elite performance and cost-effective. With a noon smart lighting system, you can transform your room to match your mood with just one tap.
  • With Noon’s handsfree night light feature, your night path is illuminated.

This lighting system turns an old bulb into a smart light.

Wrapping it up 

If we conclude in the simplest form that what a noon lighting system can do in your house, it will give you an smart lighting system with your existing switchboards and bulbs to make your life simpler without changing the type of bulbs and switches you prefer in your home. Noon lighting systems are even considered cost-efficient because you will require to pay the money just for the lighting system, and you don’t have to spare any extra bucks for either a Bluetooth device or new sets of the bulb.

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