Top 10 Things To Look Out For Designing A Home Theatre

Top 10 Things To Look Out For Designing A Home Theatre

Written By -Nikita Sharma

Do you know how you can turn your space into a home theatre!

Yes, now with the latest developments in technology, you can set up your own home theatre .with the introduction of intelligent technology, everything is possible. From setting up your home security to setting up your home theatre, now you can transform your home with just one tap on your phone. In the situations like these, when cinema theatres are closed across the world, there is no greater joy than bringing theatres within the comfort of your home. Your life becomes less stressful when you can enjoy movies, web shows, cable TV etc. In a dynamic seating arrangement in your home and that too according to your preferences and choices. Once you have made up your mind that you need to have your home theatre, here are a few pointers which you will need to keep in mind while designing your home theatre.

Let’s find out more about setting up your home theatre


Location is the most crucial thing that needs to be considered while selecting the location for your home theatre. You need to choose a perfect place in your home, primarily an isolated section of the home, to create more minor disturbance to other people living in the home.


How well you have selected the lights for your home theatre also helps you create the atmosphere of your room and make your movie experience more theatre-like, so you need to choose good lighting and place them accordingly in the whole room.

3.Size of the room

Before anything else, you need to look for the perfect size for the room to continue further with your decorating purpose and another installation process. To have an entire cinema hall like experience, you need to have an ideal size of 20 feet long and 13 feet wide, giving you a perfect cinema-like feel while watching in your theatre room.

4.Height of the ceiling 

The peak of the ceiling is also an essential factor when you want to build your theatre room so that you can have a tremendous experience while watching your favourite shows and movies. High ceilings help you to install big screens for a better viewing experience.

5.Screen distance 

You need to have an ideal distance between the screen and the seating area so that you can enjoy your movie without having stress on your eyes. The seating distance shouldn’t be too far or too close. While designing the seating area, it is suitable for you to measure accurately and precisely in-between the room.


6.Comfortable seating

If you are binge-watching a show or having a movie marathon in your free time, it becomes essential for you to ha e comfortable seating arrangements so that you can sit. Comfortably and watch the movie without any kind of problems for that you need to have plush seats.

7.Wall colours 

While selecting the colour for your room, make sure to avoid the bright colours to be easy for you to have the best viewing experience because bright and vibrant colours reflect light and prevent you from truly experiencing the movies.

8.Surge protector 

Surge protectors are devices that protect your home from electrical spikes and surges. If there is a spike in a single electronic device in your room, it can harm all the devices present there, so it is always a better option to install surge protectors to protect your appliance from getting harmed.

9.One remote control for everything 

You need to have a single controlling device for all your gadgets so that you can manage every device easily with one control, and it will be less chaotic for you to handle separate controllers for separate devices.

10.Wireless connections

It is the age when we stream movies on various digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc., it becomes essential for you to have an excellent wireless connection to easily connect your preferred platform on your screen and enjoy the movie.


These ten must-haves for your home theatre, which you can look for while designing it in your home. This is a decade of technology, A technology shaping our future. Over the few decades, the advancement of technology has shaped our world into an intelligent version. The expanding of technology has introduced us the intelligent gadgets. These gadgets not only turn our lives easier but also transformed our simple home into a smart home.

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