How To Make Your Curtain Smart In Less Than Ten Minutes

Written By -Nikita Sharma

Technology has become an evolution in today’s generation. Everything is turning automated today so is the Curtain that can automate with the help of newly evolved technology. To understand how can you convert your standard plain Curtain into an elegant curtain with technology.

Window treatments with smart technology

Even if you are constructing the latest home or renovating up your current space, windows are the one thing that often gets noticed by people. Windows can result in the beauty of your interior in various ways. It can be decorated with curtains and smart technology; there are various ways to decorate your windows.

 However, if you want a unique design for your interior that pulls out everything in the room together, your windows should come into consideration first. The same style and shade won’t match together. It can turn into an interior disaster.

What is a smart curtain?

Elegant curtains are just the regular Curtain that can be used as smart Curtain just by using a motorised device that will help the curtains slide on their own to open and close them without any contact from the person operating the curtains.

How does the smart curtain works 

With a gentle motorised tug, innovative curtains automatically draw themselves completely open are closed depending upon the instructions you give them. With just a simple click on the tap of a button, your Curtain will open and close smoothly, most importantly silently, without any sound.

Devices that convert your existing curtains into smart ones in less than 10 minutes

Switch smart bot controller 

  • Switch bot can make your Curtain bright in seconds. This device can be easily controlled by Alexa, Google Home, and Siri.
  • It can install within 30 seconds. It is the most affordable motorised curtain solution.
  • It can be voice voice-controlled Alexa, Google home, etc.
  • Open and connected with API, IFTTT, and Smart things support with hub kin.
  • Smart automated and healthy lifestyle enabled
  • Practical and helpful door significant ceilings curtains, elderly and disabled people

Slide by IIM 

Slide by IIM helps you wake up five minutes earlier than your alarm with Its remote control technology. It is a complete kit to make your existing curtains bright. It works on the majority of curtain rods. It is a modular installation system to mount slide on your existing track. It can install without any tool.

 Holliday mode can be enabled when you have to keep the burglar away. With a slide semi-randomised algorithm, it looks like you never left.

It can even manually slide Just with a simple touch.

Curtain Call motorised curtain

It is made with your complete comfort and convenience at heart, and the installation process is also a breeze. It comes with straightforward and easy to flow instructions. If you are a DIYer, you Can easily install these c curtains on your own.

Home supplier bright home curtain rod

 Home supplier bright home curtain rod had all the smart function you would want in an smart curtain. You can handle it with a voice command. It can also b controlled manually or even schedule a timer closing and opening the Curtain.

It comes with an easy installation process that can easily be installed by yourself.

These are the few ways through which you can easily install an smart home curtain within less than 10 minutes.

Linked with everything

Smart gadgets can transform your home into a state of the art home; the benefit of a future home is its interconnectivity with the innovation of voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri which works on the internet. These devices help you follow your daily routine and even allow you to set up a routine for yourself. This turns your life easier and convenient.

These futuristic gadgets can be beneficial to your smart home. These voice assistant smart gadgets work with artificial intelligence, which can set your routine for the following day.


Innovative technology has left an impact on everyone. With these gadgets, you can easily manage your home when you are away from it. It makes your home secure, and with one tap on your Smartphone, you can control these gadgets whether it is to open a door or switch off your lights. The future with innovative technology will be glorious. These smart gadgets can transform your home into a marvellous one. With the advancement in technology, artificial intelligence is making a huge difference in shaping the future. Smart homes are just a glance of the future.

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