working ZigBee Bulbs

List of working ZigBee Bulbs

 Written by : Shreya Gairola Innovative technology has entirely changed the way we exist. Smart technology has become everyone’s friend, a bodyguard, a family member in today’s world. With innovative technology, now anyone can manage their homes while you are on vacation or at the office. Smart home automation is one of the gifts given by this technology. An innovative home technology allows you to connect every device at one specific place, which works on artificial technology. With various wireless protocols available in the market, Zigbee is one of the most famous wireless protocols. Working of Zigbee protocol s seamless and has various features that enable users to…

Smart Thermostats For Home Automation

Smart Thermostats For Home Automation And Energy Savings From Smart Thermostats

Written By : Atul Nawani Nowadays, consumers can access control devices by using a home automation system in their home by mobile phone or a tablet anywhere in the world. There are many bright lights, door locks, garage doors, doorbell cameras, smart switches and smart thermostats in the home automation technology market. One of the essential products of a home automation system is a smart thermostat. Buildings consume about 60% of energy is because of HVAC systems, and this rate is expected to increase further in the future. It is the main reason that we have to pay attention to the responsible use of HVAC systems. According to this…


What Does The Alexa Voice Remote Do?

What Does The Alexa Voice Remote Do? Written by: Shreya Gairola Are you a fan of using Amazon Firestick or fire TV or want to try it! Through several developments in technologies, the largest e-commerce company Amazon has launched a next-generation device known as Amazon Firestick or fire TV through several developments in technologies. This particular device can be easily connected to your television. Through which, you can stream various platforms in one place. Such platforms like Amazon prime video, Netflix, Disney Hotstar and many more. This device has entirely changed our way of living by making us more convenient. Certain developments by Amazon have also introduced us…

Home automation

The Best Smart Thermostats Currently Available For 2021

Written by: Shreya Gairola Want to smarten your home with smart gadgets? Technology is evolving and is going to evolve in so many different ways. Over the past years, technology has been advanced and is transforming our way of living. With each new day, there is a new development in technology that is going on. This technology has introduced us to various gadgets, and the era in which we live is all about innovative technology. Innovative technology is an advanced version of the technology. This technology is one of the most trending technologies these days. The word smart originally comes from the acronym self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology…


How To Upgrade Your Already Existing Home Automation System

Written by Shreya Gairola Over the years, technology has been optimistically influencing our lives. With each new day, we are moving towards the new generation of technology known as Smart technology. The development by innovative technology has rapidly grown and will get well developed within the upcoming years. Innovative technology is a way of new living. From turning our lives more easily to securing our homes when we are away, this technology is ruling in everyone’s heart. With smart technology, the center of the home is rapidly becoming the hub of the home. Varieties of high-tech gadgets are available to keep you linked and manage your appliances, such…

What Home Automation Works With Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa Now Features Reminders And Multiple Timers.

Written by: Shreya Gairola Over the past decades, technology has been evolving and will keep evolving in the future too. Technology developments are one of the most incredible promises and an opportunity from every year to year. We cannot predict the future. But we already know that the future will be going to be all about the smart technological era. Digitalization and smart technology continue to reshape our lives to encourage us to form new habits and search for new ways to work together. These changes have brought several opportunities for people to adopt a new lifestyle and become a better human being. Technology has developed in the…


Manage Your Smart Light Bulbs With Emoji Sticker

Written by: Shreya Gairola Innovation has enlightened the way we live. Through several developments in technology, it has more accessible for us to manage our homes. Not only our homes but also our office too. Smart innovation has gifted us with several smart devices. These devices work on artificial intelligence. With this artificial intelligence, they work under our given commands, from scheduling our meetings to turning on our lights. These devices are much needed for this era. The evolution of technology has also given birth to these digital platforms. From these platforms, we not only find information but also can connect with our long lost friend. The upcoming…


IoT Powered Entertainment Automation Systems

Written by: Shreya Gairola Have you ever wondered how we can control home automation with just one tap! With the rise in technologies, the notion of home automation aspires to convey the control of functioning of your everyday home electrical machines with just one tap on your home. Therefore providing users with cost-effective lighting solutions, entertainment solutions. Further, the concept extends to have complete control over your home entertainment system and your home security system. The Internet of things-based home automation system, As the name propose, aims to manage your smart home gadgets through internet protocols or even cloud-based computing. Let’s find out more about entertainment automation systems.…


How To Create Automated Daily Routines On Your Android

Written by: Shreya Gairola Imagine a world where your android can automate your daily routines! Smartphones are becoming a critical part of our lives. From scrolling social media to scheduling your meetings, these smartphones are unique devices. The development in technology has entirely changed our way of living. A Smartphone is the gift of advanced technology. A Smartphone can be distinguished from feature phones by its powerful hardware capabilities and broader mobile operating system. These functions include web browsing, music, video, social media, gaming with voice calls, and text messaging. You must be wondering that how do you can create an automated daily routine on your android. Well,…


The Ten Things You Must Consider While Buying Automatic Gates

Written By :Shreya Gairola Thinking about installing automatic gates? If you consider having an automatic gate to secure your property, you should consider few things before installing it. This automatic electric Gate is the famous innovation of smart technology. There is a procedure behind selecting the right automatic Gate to fulfill your needs. Automatic gates are very famous these days. They add extra security to your home or even to your commercial property. Nowadays, they are a status symbol. Not only do they keep children and kids out of harm, but also they prevent them from running into the busy roads. These are great with lots of benefits. There…

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