Somfy Smart Home System

Somfy Smart Home System

Somfy Smart Home System

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Home Appliances

Before you may have smart home equipment, you need to invent the home equipment themselves! Between 1901 and 1920 there has been a fast improvement in home apparatus, kicked off via way of discovering the engine-powered vacuum cleaner. After this, got here the appearance of refrigerators, washing machines, irons, and toasters to revolutionize the lives of home maids – however, those have been nevertheless too high-priced for maximum families to afford.

The Microcontroller

In 1971, the microprocessor turned into invented, which means the era ultimately took steps to be without problems low cost for everyone. The rate of electronics fell rapidly, bringing the benefit of home equipment to the masses.

The Clapper

The clapper turned into an electrical transfer invented in 1996 and operated via sound, maximum normally a clap (even though it may be by chance brought about via means of coughing, canine barking, or slamming a door). It turned into the primary, actual flow into the smart home era and turned into one of the twentieth century’s greatest iconic inventions.

Home Networking and the Millennium House

Home automation started to boom in recognition within the past due to the Nineteen Nineties and early 2000s as the net era advanced speedy and smart houses unexpectedly became a more excellent low-cost option. Home era or ‘domotics’ turned into an incredibly mentioned subject matter as home equipment blended with computers. The Millennium House turned into a British show-home that opened in 1998 to illustrate how a walking home can be automatic with computer-managed heating, safety, lights, doorways, and gardens.

The Smart Homes of Today

As the era will become an increasing number of low cost, and with the bulk of western populations having home net and a smart smartphone, smart technology is slowly integrating into our houses. Today, the focal point is on convenience, safety, and electricity efficiency via connectivity and interactivity.

Why a Smart Home?

Home automation was once simplest for a pick institution of homeowners; a Smart Home is now reachable to everyone. More and more extraordinary human beings are selecting to equip their houses with a Smart Home system. They try this for the following reasons:


By absolutely or partly automating your device, you should not consider the proper settings for an hour. Your residence thinks together with you and is usually tailored to your wishes, without you having to set it once more and once more manually. It makes for a final cushty home.

You decide on the operation.

Wherever you’re, whether or not you’re at home, at paintings, or on the zoo: you manipulate all devices at home thru the app in your smartphone. In this manner, you make sure that your own home is optimally organized on your homecoming. You can already pick out from many distinctive controls with a Smart Home. However, the operation may be even more straightforward: manipulate your device together along with your voice thru Google Home or Alexa.

Good safety, so peace of mind

Do you’ve got surveillance cameras? Then you get a push message on your smartphone in case of risk, and you may without delay, watch stay and lift the alarm if necessary. Smart lights and smart blinds additionally offer presence simulation while you aren’t at home, and for this reason, defend your home in opposition to burglary.


With voice instructions and preset eventualities for distinctive situations, you may adapt the device, and for this reason, the environment and dwelling surroundings in your home on your sports instantly.

The advantages of a Somfy Smart Home

Once you’re satisfied with the advantages that a Smart Home gives you, it’s time to pick out the platform on that you need to prepare your Smart Home. One of the alternatives is a Somfy Smart Home. We would like to reveal what benefits have already satisfied lots of our clients to pick out a Somfy Smart Home.

Wide compatibility

Somfy has a wide variety of Somfy Smart Home merchandise that paintings together. A Somfy Smart Home is likewise like-minded with different leading home automation brands, together with Philips Hue and Velux. Somfy is like-minded with, for example, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and an increasing number of Apple HomeKit.User-pleasant merchandise that lastWe takes our time to broaden the exceptional product and look at it well usually. We consequently assure our merchandise’s fine and lifespan and, relying on the sort of product; we usually come up with a 2, three, or five-year guarantee on Somfy merchandise.
Intuitive operation desire is massive about the manipulate alternatives of your Somfy device. For example, pick out a wall transfer, app manipulates, a faraway manipulate, or voice manipulation. Whichever running mode you pick out, you’ll have mastered it in no time because our merchandise paintings very intuitively. It is always a supplier to your area you’ve got a query or need a recommendation for approximately Somfy merchandise.


Whether you’re a pro-Smart Home gourmand or on the very starting and need to recognize more significant approximately the opportunities of a Somfy Smart Home: you’re welcome at your nearby supplier for evidence of our merchandise and the corresponding opportunities.
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