Radio Technology Somfy

Radio Technology Somfy

Radio Technology Somfy

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Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) is Somfy’s exceptional collection used to alter the motorized window answers that encompass diverse sun sunglasses, blinds, awnings, and shutters. You can function them from each outside and inside the room, which brings the closing consolation and best environment in the indoors’ course. Uniquely designed, without difficulty accessible, easy efficiency, and offhand management – those are the principal motives you must move for motorized blinds and sun sunglasses. There are diverse management alternatives to be had with those motor structures which include handheld remotes, programmable timers, wi-fi wall switches, cellphone management, and so on – The desire is yours!
You may have visible the acronym RTS whilst speaking approximately Somfy motorized merchandise and questioned what it meant. RTS stands for Radio Technology Somfy. Somfy’s excellent managed platform allows customers to alter motorized indoor window coverings and motorized outside merchandise, including awnings, rolling shutters, pergolas, and monitors from indeed everywhere inner or outdoor the domestic.
RTS generation works with quite a few Somfy controls, including handheld remotes, wall switches, the myLink app, voice manage, and sensors for sun, wind, and rain. RTS lets customers create an environment and produce their houses to life, presenting the closing mixture of luxurious and overall performance effects!

What is the variety of my far off manage or wall switch?

RTS is a radio generation that can talk with motorized merchandise reliably up to twenty ft and from as much as sixty-five ft in most advantageous conditions. There isn’t any want to factor or intention the far off or manage tool on the window masking because RTS is omnidirectional. And similar to a storage door opener, the radio waves journey thru walls.

Will my Somfy remotes intrude with different radio-managed merchandise in my or my friends domestic?
Since RTS is radio-primarily based generation totally, you may surprise in case your remotes or controls will intrude with different radio-managed merchandise for your construction or neighbourhood. But there may be not anything to fear approximately. Somfy RTS generation uses a rolling code with sixteen million combos to make sure that RTS communique is each secure and secure.

How Do RTS Motors Work?

To open or near the RTS automatic window answers, press an easy far off button or wi-fi wall switches for sending radio wave alerts to the window remedies. You shouldn’t intend your far off toward the window dressings because the motor is omnidirectional, because of this, it can get hold of or transmit signs in all directions. Operate them effects from everywhere withinside the room that’s as much as sixty-five ft.

What are the Products that may be included with RTS?

All the window designs and programs synthetic to use the most efficient manufacturers may be paired with this tech-orientated motor system. Explore a lot of these sensible indoors and outdoor shading structures to experience a hassle-unfastened life.

Advantages of Having RTS Motor

• Highest Convenience Level: Because of the omnidirectional feature, creative merchandise may be adjusted from any wi-fi zoned location this is as much as sixty-five ft. So it would help if you didn’t circulate round to get right of entry to them. Operate them as in keeping with your wishes and preserve them withinside the desired position.

• Enhanced Security: Smart capability lowers the threat of various risks while maintaining your circle of relatives participants secure and secure. Even while you aren’t at domestic, set them with the timer operation so that the dressings can function at a specific time of day. This continues your indoors secure from the burglars.

• Flexibility: Easy management offers your area a bendy and dependable atmosphere. Simple programming lets in the sun sunglasses to function manually while putting the best mood. Change your indoors format with the aid of using the smoothness of RTS cars.

• A Soft Glow: RTS motor included window remedies permit herbal mild and clean air to go into your private home that keeps the softness of the gap while improving the shine and glow of the room. Install those sun sunglasses nowadays to experience a snug living.

• Saves Money: RTS motorized sun sunglasses and blinds are strength-efficient. Wondering how? Use timers to have your sun sunglasses alter themselves, relying on the outdoor temperature and stability of an excellent environment in the course of the décor, decreasing the strength bills.
• Choose the Perfect Color: Technology and domestic layout don’t want to be in war as you could pick out the sedation choice so that it will suit your décor layout. RTS cars are to be had in extraordinary hues and styles to meet all of your desires.

Control Options of RTS Motorized Products

Radio generation Somfy Motors offer particular kinds of manage mechanism so you can take the proper selection for your private home so that it will suit your private home’s wishes. Single-channel and multi-channel (sixteen channels to be had with Telis sixteen RTS) remotes and wall switches are to be had to function the motorized merchandise personally or in a group.
Unique Fact: There are different factors to search for which can affect Radio Technology Somfy variety inner your private home which includes – a limitless range of RF merchandise, zones with many wi-fi networks, cordless phones, protection alarms, child cars, or set up close to a hospital. So it’s recommended to vicinity your myLink gadgets close to the RTS included innovative window product to keep away from those issues.


If you’re new to the arena of era and motorization, then those are the simple belongings you want to know. The hints will assist you in getting simple thoughts and making your buying enjoy friendly and comfortable. Explore all of the Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) Motorized window technique to dwelling a wealthy and high priced life.
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