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Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Written by: Harshita Mundhara

Expanding the lineup of smart gadgets and gizmos you could purchase on your home, Samsung SmartThings now gives the SmartThings Tracker. Pair it with the SmartThings app, and this small white rectangular tracks any item connected to it. The tracker will set you back $one hundred, and after the prior 12 months of open-cell data, you may want to pay a month-to-month or every year fee.

SmartThings Tracker

The SmartThings Tracker additionally works with, you guessed it, different SmartThings products. While it is a chunk hefty to be used on small objects, if you use SmartThings already to your home, including the $one hundred trackers should show beneficial for triggering scenes and turning smart gadgets on or off while you arrive or depart. Otherwise, I’d recommend Tile’s line of Bluetooth monitoring gadgets, in quite a several shapes, sizes, and features, for a first-class tool at almost a 3rd of the cost.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung is freeing a SmartThings tracker that’s powered through LTE-M (in preference to Bluetooth) that will help you locate stuff. The cell community permits it for use for real-time area monitoring in your pets and youngsters in addition to out of place items. The strength button at the tracker, while pressed twice, will ship its area via the SmartThings app, and there’s additionally a choice to ship an SOS. The tracker is well suited with different Samsung SmartThings gadgets to be used together with different smart home merchandise like lighting, thermostats, and safety cameras. For example, you could use the tracker as an arrival sensor, for you to cause lighting to show on while the tool is in range. You can also use it for geofencing regions to mechanically warn you while the tracker is going inside and outside of it. The tracker is water-resistant for indoor and outside use, and the battery can last as long as per week on an available charge.

The cell advantage

The SmartThings Tracker fees extra than a Tile or a TrackR, famous competitors. That’s as it ditches Bluetooth and opts for an LTE-M connection, a low-energy community made in particular for IoT gadgets. The generation is extra high priced to manufacture. However, it blows Bluetooth’s variety out of the water.
TrackR’s most variety is simply one hundred feet. Tile’s maximum superior model, the TilePro, has a Bluetooth variety of as many as three hundred feet. With the SmartThings cell approach, the variety is as wide as your carrier’s community. If your tracker leaves that variety, you may depend on crowd GPS and different app customers to discover or come upon your missing item. Cellular provider for the SmartThings Tracker is blanketed for the preceding one year once you spark off it. After that, provider fees $five consistent with the month or $50 for 12 months, primarily based totally on AT&T’s provider plan. Your rate might also additionally range relying on your carrier.

How does it work?

To installation, your SmartThings Tracker, the energy is on and downloads the SmartThings app if you do not have it already. In the app, select “Add tool” and watch for your smartphone to apprehend the tracker. Follow the commands for activating the cell provider, and you will see an expiration date for the loose 12 months of the provider.

After that, it is smooth to installation notification zones. These are awesome for buying notifications while kids, pets, or valuables like motorcycles or vehicles depart a hard and fast area. However, you could use the most effective installation zones. I used my home and work. The smallest radius for the one’s zones is seven hundred feet. That variety blanketed four streets in my neighbourhood and supposed that my infant or puppy can be roaming a close-by busy avenue, and I would not be notified.


The SmartThings Tracker isn’t always a whole lot to appearance at. It’s a small, white plastic tool measuring 1.7 with the aid of using 0.five inches. It weighs much less than 1 ounce and is derived with a small grey strap to string via the tracker and onto items like luggage or purses.
However, those Bluetooth trackers, whilst less expensive and smaller, have restricted levels that forestall at approximately two hundred toes or depend on crowd GPS to discover lacking or stolen gadgets that have slipped beyond that range.


The SmartThings Tracker is based on an LTE-M connection, a low electricity community made especially for IoT devices, so it’s now no longer restricted with the aid of using a range. And whilst a phone is probably one manner you already screen your kids’ location, clipping this onto their backpacks, for example, may provide you with a higher concept of wherein they may be in case their telephones run out of battery, or they want a discreet manner to ship an SOS.

The Good

This cellular-powered tracker continues a watch for your stuff with a broader scope than Bluetooth, and it could even cause creative domestic actions.

The Bad

It’s a costly manner to track, with a $a hundred charge tag and $5-per-month provider plan.

The Bottom Line

The SmartThings Tracker is outstanding for monitoring stuff you genuinely care about. However, you may want to be on board with making month-to-month molecular provider payments.
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