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Video Doorbells: Say Hello To your Virtual Doorman

Video Doorbells: Say Hello to Your Virtual Doorman

Written By – Sagarika Sarkar

The latest addition to home security is the video doorbell system. Video doorbells or smart doorbells are doorbells which are web-connected and linked with a security camera outside your door. This virtual doorman is capable of sending you real-time alerts on your phone and letting you know about who’s ringing your doorbell outside. This article will let you know about the best video doorbell that you can use.
The idea of video doorbells was initiated by entrepreneur Jimmy Siminoff (founder of the “Ring” company) back in 2013 when it was known as ‘Ring Video Doorbell’. Since then its evolution is going on, and the latest one in the market is the smart doorbells with motion-sensors.

These days, with the improvement of technology, people are getting new ways to conduct crimes like kidnapping, robbery, stealing and even murder. Security system, on the other hand, is getting tighter and smarter. Video Doorbell or smart doorbell is one of the modern devices today that can act as your electronic security guard.

What are the benefits of it?

The essential function and use of the video doorbell camera are to lookout who is at your door. You won’t need to tiptoe and sneak to see who is on the other side of your door. Video doorbell camera feed allows you to get a clear view of who is there without interrupting your comfortable afternoon nap or storybook reading.
Video Doorbell will also let you know who is at your doorstep even if you are not home. The connected device (your mobile or tablet) will show the video footage even if you are in the office or stuck in traffic, away from home.
You will also be able to utilize the two-way audio ability of your video doorbell if you want to talk to your children while you’re away. Also, you can check your live video feed if someone comes to your door while your children are home unattended. So it keeps your baby protected.
It gives you 24×7 support. Now your night sleep will be tension free as your video doorbell will be awake whole night to protect your home.

The latest updated version also has door opening and closing system. It will let the visitor enter your house after getting your permission.

Leading video doorbell manufacturers

Knowing about all the qualities of video doorbells, naturally, you would like to know which video doorbell is best among all in the market. So, here are the names that you can try:
The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is ready to take the top spot when it comes to buying a smart doorbell which can be installed with both wired and wireless installation. It’s a straightforward device to install, working by both the mains and a rechargeable battery (you can choose anyone). Its notification alerts are swift, and the videos it sends to your smart device are clear full HD and of reliably good quality. Also, the wide-angle lens it uses also gives you a great view of your property.

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Nest Hello: If you’re serious about home security, the Nest Hello is what you should be investing in. Just like a close circuit (CCTV) camera, the Nest Hello continuously records video, giving you a complete record of the activities around your house. It also has a facial recognition analysis sensor to detect over time that who is approaching your home and alert you about the detailed visitors supervised your way, known or unknown. Also, that wide-ranging approach to video observation, however, brings with it optional storage costs.
Ring Doorbell Pro: Though its name you might think that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is superior to the previous Ring product, but there’s not much to separate the two in practical terms of usefulness. Though it’s slimmer, that’s because it doesn’t have a battery installation option, and it uses AI video analysis rather than an infrared sensor to detect motion. It’s the right product either way though, and it offers the same video storage plan pricing as the other Ring models.

It’s market in India

Apart from the Indian market is having a wide range of video doorbells today. Leading Indian electronic brands are manufacturing this product with an affordable price range to protect you from security-related crimes.

Apart from these, Panasonic also has some more models of video doorbells which are affordable as well as very useful in the home security sector.

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Now you can protect your home better. This useful device is a virtual security guard for you that will be giving you live updates anywhere. Even if you are inside the home, you can talk to the person outside remaining under your blanket. You won’t need to come out of your warm bed to attend any unwanted visitor at your home. You won’t need to interrupt your favorite novel reading, to open the door. Your video doorbell will do these for you!

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