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Why Video Doorbells are winning over Residents

When it comes to personal security and privacy, people always try to get the best one for themselves and their families. The latest addition to home security is the video doorbell system. Video doorbells or smart doorbells are doorbells which are web-connected and linked with a security camera outside your door. They are capable of sending you real-time alerts on your phone and letting you know about who’s ringing your doorbell outside. It activates when somebody presses the button of your doorbell, or some doorbells can do it when it senses a visitor with its built-in motion sensors (smart, indeed!). The smart doorbell lets the homeowner use a smartphone app to watch and talk with the visitor by using the doorbell’s built-in high-definition infrared camera and microphone.

The idea was initiated by entrepreneur Jimmy Siminoff (founder of the “Ring” company) back in 2013 when it was known as ‘Ring Video Doorbell’. Since then its evolution is going on, and the latest one in the market is the smart doorbells with motion-sensors.

These days, with the advancement of technology, people are getting new ways to conduct crimes like kidnapping, robbery, stealing and even murder. Security system, on the other hand, is getting tighter and smarter. Video Doorbell or smart doorbell is one of the modern devices today that can act as your electronic security guard.

How it works:

It is effortless to install, especially if you opt for one of the battery-powered options at your home. The best smart and latest updated doorbells in the market can be either wired up to your home or powered by a rechargeable battery. In case of the second one, you can install it at your doorframe with adhesive tape, and then pair it with your home wi-fi connection though a particular app to get started. It shows the person standing outside in your connected device, and also you can connect with any other audio speaker device. Video doorbells can help enhance your home security and make it easier and more efficient to organize home deliveries.

What are the Popular Smart Doorbells?

You will find many options there in the market when it comes to buying smart doorbells. But at this present time, it’s only two companies that are dominating – Nest and Ring.
The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is ready to take the top spot when it comes to buying a smart doorbell which can be installed with both wired or wireless installation. Working by either the mains or a rechargeable battery, it’s a specific device to install. Its notification alerts are swift, and the videos it sends to your smart device are clear full HD and of consistently good quality. Also, the wide-angle lens it uses also gives you a great view of your property. That’s impressive, no?

Ring Doorbell Pro: Though its name, you might think that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is superior to the previous one, but there’s not much to separate the two in practical terms of utility. Though it’s slimmer, that’s because it doesn’t have a battery installation option, and it uses AI video analysis rather than an infrared sensor to detect motion. It’s the right product either way though, and it offers the same video storage plan pricing as the other Ring models.

Nest Hello: If you’re serious about home security, the Nest Hello is what you should be investing in. Just like a close circuit (CCTV) camera, the Nest Hello continuously records video, giving you a complete record of the goings-on around your house. It also has a facial recognition analysis sensor to detect over time which is approaching your home and alert you about the detailed visitors supervised your way, known or unknown. Also, that comprehensive approach to video observation, however, brings with it optional storage costs.
In India there are lot more doorbell products available with various range of prices:
Panasonic Silver metal Video doorbell costs Rs. 6549/- and it comes with Remote access facility.
Trueview has a smart doorbell which is a little costly (13000/-)
Vizyon company launched a smart doorbell worth Rs. 4999/-.
Phlipton smart doorbell costs Rs. 8500/- it comes with 150-degree wide-angle.
Recently Godrej has launched a ‘See Thru Pro wi-fi video door” device which costs Rs. 16000/-.

Benefits of Video Doorbells:

There are massive plus points of getting a video doorbell at home.
1. See who is at the door: The most significant function and use of the video doorbell camera are to determine who is at your door. You won’t need to tiptoe and sneak to see who is on the other side of your door. Video doorbell camera feed enables you to get a clear view of who is there without interrupting your storybook reading or movie.

2. Preventing crimes

Smart doorbell cameras make your house a difficult target for thieves or criminals. These opportunists may try to enter as a salesperson or campaigner to try and provoke you to open your door with a slight pitch. Believe it or not, but this is still a common theft technique around the world. More importantly, they use this method to check home occupancy, and If you don’t open the door, they consider that you aren’t home and will feel more confident about breaking in. Then with the help of this device, a homeowner can safely respond to these threats from a distance and react by calling the police or prepare a knife or any other arms.

3. Provide evidence

Footage from a smart doorbell camera can be crucial evidence In the case of theft, burglary, or any harm. Police and other investigators, every so often use recorded footages of the place to help build cases that can lead to essential arrests. Those video images can help identify a trespasser or the criminal of not only your home even in your neighborhood if the camera is set up correctly.

4. Monitoring traffic

Homeowners can keep track of each one of the visitors accessing the house, including cleaners, maids or repair service staff to make sure everything is running well at home.

6.Tracking deliveries

Some wireless doorbell cameras even can take the guesswork out of home deliveries. These doorbells have additional features that can notify you when the delivery service arrives or when a package is left at your front door!

7. Increasing the value of a house

The Millennial are always more interested in real estate that has advanced technology and home security equipment as it saves their time and hassle. Installing a smart doorbell camera can help increase the resale price of your house and make it more attractive to buyers.

8. Keeping Your Baby protected

Leaving the kids at home is always a matter of tension, whether they’re with a babysitter or on their own. Reviewing video footage through the app on your electronic device will let you find peace if you are in office or vacation or business tour. It will also let your maid or baby sitter be alert because you are watching them from far.

You will also be able to utilize the two-way audio ability of your video doorbell if you want to talk to your children while you’re away. Also, you can check your live video feed if someone comes to your door while your children are home unattended.

9. Protection 24×7

This video doorbell will keep watching your surrounding even if you are sleeping at night.

10. Offers clear views at night

Video doorbell cameras have night vision technology so you can get the images in plain sight before you open the door. So if someone comes to the door even at night, you’ll have no problem recognizing who they are and deal with it accordingly.

11. Two- way communication

The wireless video doorbell not only allows you to see see the person at your door, but it also lets you talk with them with the two-way communication system. Some video doorbells even have a smartphone communications feature, which lets you speak to the visitor at the door even if you are outside. And it keeps the visitors unaware of your absence from the home, which is essential in minimizing the chance of theft. It is a much-needed security option today.

12. Integration with other smart technology

These wi-fi enabled video doorbell cameras can be easily connected to your smartphone or other devices. These devices are typically compatible with the Windows 10, Android, iOS and Mac OS operating systems available on your mobile device. Each of them can notify you when somebody hits the bell, and the video wi-fi camera sensor can catch any motion.

Well, this unique device has been a revolutionary step towards a secured life. With this device, we can protect our home and stay tension free. And who does not want to reduce stress in today’s busy, hectic life? That is why this device is getting popularity across the world, and maybe in future, we might get many more updated versions of it. The important thing is to deliver the goodness of technology to every corner. As India is still a developing country and most of her part remains in the darkness whenever this kind of technology comes. It is essential to think about ‘the rest’ of the country, and the capable ones should come forward to make people aware. Manufacturers should think about produce the products more affordable so that most of the people can use it.

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